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5 Tips on Preparing for a Job Interview.


“We would like to invite you to interview with our company.”

Everyone who has a dream job longs for that call or e-mail requesting them to attend an interview. 

Tips on Preparing for a Creative Job Interview

How do you prepare for the interview? Figuring this out is an essential part of the plan to join the creative industries. 

Let’s go through some tips that will help you prepare for the interview and turn that passion to profession.

1. Know why you want the job

People do not realize an interview is also an opportunity for the interviewee to gauge whether he or she wants to work for the company in the first place.

Prior to attending the interview, write down the pros and cons of getting that job. Does the job present better opportunities or hinder you from exploring more in the industry? Know what job works for you. A script writing starter gig does work for a film making career.

2. Due Diligence 

Research on the company and internalize the facts. Find out what the company does, who the clients are, what soft skills are required, and how your expertise can come in handy for them. If they think you can add value, the job is yours.

In an interview knowledge awakens confidence. Turning that passion to profession means researching, understanding and presenting what the potential employer wants to see and hear. 

3. Your Creative CV

You are an artist. That gives you the power to create a curriculum vitae that stands out in the best possible way.

The normal and predictable cv does not cut it in the creative industries. Put your skills to work. Create a cv that reflects who you are as an artist. Keep in mind that you also need to be taken seriously, just like any other career. You are a professional. 

We’ll soon post on how to draft a creative cv/resume.

4. Go an extra mile

Present actual work you have created or are working on. This is your opportunity to shine. Remember, you are up against other potential employees. So if your goal is to get into graphic design, then present infographics or fun typography posters that you designed. If you had taken up a photography course, present the pictures you took. 

5. Be Authentic

As you prepare for the interview, put in mind that even people in the creative industries should present their true character. Do not fake an accent, resume or lifestyle. Be yourself. There is a reason you got the call for the interview. It is okay not to know everything; no one does. Stay true to your aesthetic as an artist. 

This should help you prep for an interview. We’ll soon post on interview etiquette. Once you walk into the interview room, what should you do? 

Learn why soft skills can be even more important than your technical skills on this blog article.

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