ADMI Start-up Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Mode of Study: 6 days ( 6 consecutive Saturday mornings)
Intakes: September 16th
Campus: Caxton House, CBD Nairobi
Fee: 30,000 KSH

The world is waiting for your unique solutions to our most complex problems. Start-up the business of your dreams at the ADMI Start-up Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Small businesses are the engine of our economy: they create jobs, solve social problems and provide the fun and entertainment we enjoy every single day!
Building a successful business from scratch requires grit, determination, patience, and most importantly the right entrepreneurship skills.

The ADMI Start-up Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an accelerated learning program for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn and practice research-based and globally-tested approaches to launching a business.

Designed by Dr. Laila Macharia, a seasoned investor and entrepreneur, and delivered by a team of experienced business advisors, the ADMI Start-Up Entrepreneur Bootcamp will teach you the principles you need to survive and thrive by taking a disciplined approach.

You will examine every aspect of your business idea and operations while gaining tools and skills to make sound and quick decisions.

You will learn more about your fit for business, how to build a team, raising money and more, all within a nurturing but challenging community.
If you are ready to start-up your business using a focused and disciplined approach, then this is the Bootcamp for you!

6 days ( 6 consecutive Saturday mornings) beginning September 16th