Alumni Stories

Ian Job Onserio

Content Creator - Screenwriting, Directing, Cinematography, Sound Design, Editing

Ian Job Onserio, class of 2017, is a Content Creator – Screenwriter, Director, Cinematographer, Sound Designer and Editor. His film, Wafula won the the Best African Film, at the African Smartphone International Film Festival in 2017. He was also a finalist at the Vista Project competition.

Mohamed Abdalla Abubakar

Producer, Presenter

Mohamed Abubakar, class of 2017, is a Producer and Presenter for Ebru TV’s Soccer 360 and co-hosts Sports Arena on Hot96FM. He is an Intercultural Exchange Trainer with The American Field Services – Intercultural Programs. Previously he was part of a Children’s Support program in Mombasa, for which he received an award from the US Embassy.

Evans Sunday Okello

Visual Storyteller - Directing, Camera Ops, Editing

Evans Sunday Okello, class of 2017 is a Director at Project Studios. He produced and directed , The Legion, a ZIFF (Zanzibar International Film Festival) 2017, Best Director nominated film. Previously he has been involved in a Docubox documentary, NAICCON, Guinness Fan Zone 2017 (Thierry Henry’s visit to Kenya). He served as a technical assistant at Laugh Industry.

Mark Mugo

Visual Storytelling - Editing, Shooting, Directing

Mark Mugo, class of 2017, is a Visual Storyteller. He is the founder of Original Content, a VR and 3D entertainment technology company. Previously he has worked as an assistant A.D. on the Netflix series Sense8, as the Director of Photography (D.O.P) on a KTN TV series #Tujaribu and as a rigger for Supersport.

Brian Lloyd Metto

Producer (music & film), Content Developer and Audio Engineer

Brian Llyod Metto, class of 2017, is a Producer (music & film), Content Developer and Audio Engineer at The lmpro.suite. Previously he has worked at Anga Afrika Luxury Resort as the Digital Content Manager.

Mahad Ahmed

Camera Operator

Mahad Ahmed (class of 2016) is a Camera Operator and Editor for RTN TV. He is also an aspiring actor who played the lead role in WaziFM, a feature film that won in the Zanzibar International Film Festival in 2013.

Ian Maina

Director - Shot Listing, (Motivating & Communication), Shooting

Ian Maina, class of 2017, is a Director – Shot Listing, (Motivating & Communication), Shooting. He is currently working with Plan Africa Productions as a Camera Operator.

Steve Toom

Film & TV Production

Steve Toom is a Film & TV Production graduate who works at Lewa Conservancy. His passion for wildlife drove him to pursue a career in shooting wildlife documentaries.

Alumni Stories

Victor Ngui

Music Producer/Film Scores - Music Composition & Editing (FTV), Recording (FTV)

Victor Ngui, class of 2017, is a Music Producer/Film Scorer. He has previously worked on the film score of two films, Moksha Effect and The Office.

Stella Wangari

Art Director - Set dresser, Set decorator, Prop Dresser/Buyer

Stella Wangari, class of 2017, is a production assistant at Radio Africa Group. Previously she has worked as a production design assistant in set dressing, creating mood boards and props.

Naseem Wanjiru

Producer - Financial Mgmt/Budgeting, Scheduling and Administration

Naseem Wanjiru, class of 2017, is a producer. She currently works as an administrator at Mojo Productions, managing budgets and schedules for projects and crew.

Isaac Biosse ADMI

Isaac Biosse


Isaac Biosse, class of 2017, is a photojournalist – Daily Life Stories, Breaking News, Current New. He is a photographer at Lighthouse Chapel International and an Assistant Photographer at Studio X. Previously he has worked at Spire Education as a Marketing & Communications Intern.

Charlie Kimilu

Film & Television Production

Charlie Kimilu (class of 2016), is the founder of Project Studio Creations and a lecturer at ADMI. Previously, he has worked as a Technical Manager at Coke Studio and Churchill Show.


David Tito Waititu

Motion Graphics Arts - 3D motion graphics, infographics, 3D animation

David Tito Waititu, class of 2017, specializes in motion graphics arts, 3D motion graphics, and 3D animation.

ADMI Alumni

Peter Wanjohi

Sound Enginneer - Live sound, Setup, Mixing

Peter Wanjohi, class of 2017, is a live sound engineer at Main Switch Group.

Wambui Muigai


Wambui Muigai has forged a career in cinematography. Her work has included Netflix’s Sense8. Wambui was also part of the Film Aid team that trained refugees in Kakuma.