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8 Signs that a career in software engineering could be for you.

Everyday more and more of our daily tasks depend on technology. When communicating with friends, colleagues and family we are likely to send an email, make a call, use whatsapp or facebook among many other software and applications that are created for the purpose of communicating with others through mobile apps.

What then is software? Dictionary.com defines software as the programmes and instructions that run a computer. You can say that software is the interface between people and machines that enable machines/computers to do what people need or want them to do. The people who make these interfaces/software are known as software developers.

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Although there is an assumption that people who work intimately with computers must be strong in math and sciences, it is not always true. This occupation/career path takes a lot more than computer expertise or great grades in math and sciences.  Important to consider are things like problem solving skills a great understanding of people among other things. To help you decide, here are 10 signs that software development could be for you.

  1. You’re a problem-solving pro

If you enjoy solving problems and everyday life challenges software development could be for you! Especially if in your problem solving approach, you take into account realistic constraints such as time and budgets. Software development is primarily about solving everyday problems and challenges through computing.

  1. You love strategy games

Believe it or not gaming is good for you! Especially strategy games that need you to make decisions based on a number of variables while thinking of the long term and short term consequences. These games can either be computer games like sims or old fashioned games like chess. So if strategy games get you excited, software development could be something you would enjoy.

  1. You tend to win arguments

Do you frame your arguments in a logical and structured manner that sees you win debates and arguments among your friends? If you do, this means your mind works systematically and logically towards an end. This kind of thinking is perfect for software development.

  1. You love making things

You get a deep sense of satisfaction you get when you make things either in the virtual world or in the physical world. This means you have a natural curiosity for how things work and how to make them work better.  There’s a software developer lurking inside of you.

  1. You’re a people person

Working as a software developer means lots of interaction with people within your team and outside your team. If you enjoy communicating and can explain things in a way that other people can understand easily, then you are more likely to develop software and applications that meet people’s needs that much better.

  1. You are curious about the theory of computer science

An interest in the theory behind software engineering is important for a coder, primarily to avoid re-inventing the wheel and instead build on what’s already been done.

  1. You are intrinsically motivated

This means that you are motivated by the process of finding a solution to a problem, or creating something innovative in itself. Therefore doing this work for the love of it is equally if not more important than the pay.

  1. You love technology

Do you have a deep appreciation for the possibilities of what technology can do for the world?  Being interested in how you can harness the potential of technology is a sure sign you are on the right career track for success in coding.

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