Career Launchpad


ADMI’s Career Launchpad is a requirement for all Diploma students. The career launchpad equips the students with the digital and soft-skills they need to successfully launch careers in their industry of choice.

Through this one-year programme, students practice essential life and leadership skills, hone their professional skills and develop the confidence they need to effectively communicate, collaborate, and contribute to multidisciplinary, multicultural and increasingly virtual teams.

Students engage in industry exposure through events, conferences, workshop, mentorship talks and work experience- do a shoot, animation, poster for an employer partner under the supervision of a technical expert.

As a result, when students finish their 4th term, they have broader exposure and network within their industry and a portfolio that includes significant work experience even before they go on their internship.

Upon completing the Career Launchpad programme, students earn a Global Professional Standards Certificate.

Course In Depth
Unit Description

In Career Launchpad 3, students will learn how to create a LinkedIn profile, write professional CVs and cover letters, prepare for the interview process, and stand out from other applicants with a creative CV. Through in-class exercises, quizzes, and weekly homework assignments, as well as coaching sessions with your instructor and industry partners, students will learn how to confidently package and present their academic and professional experiences when applying for jobs.

By the end of this course, students will have learnt how to:
Create and update a Linkedin Profile
Create a Traditional CV
Create a Creative CV 
Create a Cover Letter 
Prepare For An Interview


Akinyi Ooko-Ombaka

Student Affairs - Placement & Partnership Officer

Akinyi Ooko-Ombaka is the Student Affairs – Placement & Partnership Officer at ADMI. She manages external relationships with employer partners to ensure students gain the skills they need for employment. She oversees ADMI’s Career Launchpad program, supervises the internship placement program, manages industry-relevant exposure events, and supports post-graduates with job placements after ADMI. She has experience in project management from organizations like UN-Habitat as well as in content development and partnership engagement experience from rapidly growing tech-based companies like TIMBY and Lori Systems. Akinyi has a BA in Environmental Science and Geography and Earth Science from Carthage College in the US.

Faheem Aaqib Wali-Allah

Internship Placement Coordinator

Faheem Aaqib Wali-Allah is the Internship Placement Coordinator at ADMI and assists students in securing internship attachments with our employer partners. Before joining ADMI, he studied Electrical Technology at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas and received an Associates Degree. Faheem’s passion is in mentoring the youth while preparing them for the professional world and the realities of life. He is also a music producer and hip-hop artist. His experiences in the Kenyan music industry has compelled him to contribute his talents, skills, and networks to ADMI’s Career Launchpad Programme.