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Chatting With Elisha Ojiambo – Filmmaking alumnus.

From a young age, Elisha Ojiambo has always been passionate about filmmaking and storytelling.

Through ADMI’s Placement office, Elisha got an internship at Covenant Television Network (CTN TV), which transitioned into a full-time job. He is a camera operator and technical assistant. CTN TV is a global upcoming Christian Faith television channel with a worldwide reach through its online channel.

We caught up with him to learn about his journey so far.

ADMI: Did you always want to be a filmmaker?

EO: Yes. I have always wanted to be a filmmaker ever since I was a child. After completing high school, I joined K-Youth Media based in Kariobangi, Nairobi. I trained in basic Photography and Filmmaking for six months. In 2016, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to join ADMI to study the Diploma in Film and TV Production.

ADMI: What steered you to filmmaking?

EO: Growing up in the slums, the media always covered the unpleasant side of our society. I knew if I acquired the filmmaking skills I could tell the stories the media failed to cover. I wanted to offer dignity to my subjects. That’s what led me to filmmaking.

5Elisha Ojiambo.

ADMI: How was a typical day for you?

EO: I spent my time at different locations filming various shows. I worked on the live broadcast set up and live sound.

ADMI: What are the three things that you learned at your internship?

EO: I learned the importance of timekeeping, communication, and teamwork.

ADMI: How did ADMI prepare you for your internship?

EO: Through the Career Launch Pad classes, I learned how to communicate and how to apply for jobs. In addition, ADMI offered me practical opportunities. For instance, in my 2nd week at school Charles Kimilu known as Chali Flani, a lecturer at ADMI introduced me to live broadcast at ZUKU Sports. At that moment in time, Charles was working as the Technical Director. This was a memorable experience since I was already familiar with the various equipment.


Elisha Ojiambo.

ADMI: What are you currently working on?

EO: I am a camera operator and technical assistant at CTN TV. Also, I am a freelancer. I am working on a personal project “People Every Day.” The project highlights short stories about ordinary life.

ADMI: Parting shot?

EO: The hunter will always be praised until the day the lion knows how to read and write.

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