Diploma Courses

Diploma in Rubika Video Game Design and Development

Our course in Game 2D & 3D is an extension of Rubika, the top-ranked animation, game, and industrial design school. You will be equipped to design, develop, and pitch your own 2D and 3D game on Unity which are the skills you need to fill the growing global demand for skilled game artists.

January 2020, January 2021, January 2022

Diploma in Film & Television Production

At ADMI’s flagship Film department, we teach students the magical art of storytelling, equipping them with the skills to inspire and move audiences through diverse cinematic tools. From the outset, students are immersed in all aspects of the creative journey, from ideation and creative writing through to scriptwriting, production, directing, cinematography, sound and post-production editing.

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept | Duration: 2 Years

Diploma in Digital Journalism

Our Digital Journalism  diploma provides a foundation in interactive digital content creation to enhance professional expertise and make our graduates more marketable in today’s high-tech communication environment. Working professionals are equipped with a flexible skill set and solid knowledge on how to work with digital and online media platforms. Students will have a broad understanding of multimedia concepts and design principles while focusing on today’s most dynamic interactive media.

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept | Duration: 2 Years

Diploma in Graphic Design

Graphic Design Certificate

The Graphic Design programme uses a multidisciplinary approach to give students the knowledge, skills and technology they need to succeed in the creative industry today. The programme develops both the student’s eye for design and the skills necessary to communicate ideas and stories through different media.

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept | Duration: 2 Years

Diploma in Music Production

Music Production at ADMI

The Music Production Diploma is a practical, industry-relevant course, providing students with the skills required to start a career in the music business. This programme includes training in the operation of modern sound equipment and music technology.

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept | Duration: 2 Years

Diploma in Sound Engineering

Our Sound Engineering programme provides training in all areas of sound production, including: live sound; music production and recording; mixing and mastering; digital audio editing; signal processing; field recording and sound design; and live concert recording. The varied programme also covers audio for the film, video, animation and gaming industries and incorporates real-life gigs.

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept | Duration: 2 Years