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Webinar Series

Mental Health Fitness : Thriving in a Pandemic

Thriving in any industry requires mental strength. How do you stay mentally fit during a pandemic like COVID-19? Hear from a panel of psychologists and a mental health champion as they unpack tools and resources that can boost your mental health.

Impact of Digital Technology on Mass Media

Digital technology is creating new patterns of work in the mass media. With digitization & the widespread use of mobile devices, the media industry has no choice but to adapt. How can media practitioners stay relevant in the age of digital disruption? Join Steven Shitera as he demonstrates the technological impact on mass media and how you can find your feet in the new world.

Curious about our Digital Media Course? Join our next intake.

Introduction to Film & TV

Do you like going to the movies? Have you ever wanted to create your own movie or TV series? Movies and TV shows are not just for entertainment, there’s so much more. Find out in this Film & TV webinar with Wanjiku and Maina. Discover the difference between multi-camera and single-camera shows and learn how TV is made, from reality shows to scripted series, dramas, and comedies.  Interested in joining our next film class?

Acing a Job Interview in the Digital Age

Headed to your next interview? Find out what to wear, how to answer common interview questions and how to leave a lasting impression in this webinar. . . Ciku Munuku is the head of faculty at our Career Launchpad Program, designed to prepare ADMI students for the marketplace.

Principles of Animation in 2D

Learn how to use ToonBoom and the 12 principles of animation. Explore opportunities for animators in the industry and how you can excel in this career. Shadrack Munene is one of our Animation Faculty members at ADMI.

Marketing & Communications in a Global Crisis

Walk with us down memory lane to discover some of the strategies used in marketing & communications during past crises. We will also explore current marketing trends and future predictions. Find out how you can navigate the current global crisis at this exclusive webinar. Interested in our Digital Marketing Class?

Sound Design for Film

“Sound is half the picture”, said George Lucas. Is your sound adding or taking away from your film? Use sound to boost your storytelling. Discover practical steps that you can take right away to get better sound in your next film. Webinar presented by Patrick Kabugi – Faculty ADMI

Graphic Design & Illustration

Join Brian Omollo and Nzilani Simu on this Graphic Design & Illustration Webinar! Interested in our Graphic Design Class?