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Why you should encourage your kids learn art in school

Why should you encourage your kids to learn art in school? We talked to Nzilani Simu, who is also a Graphic Design Lecturer at ADMI.


My favourite artistic medium is the basic pencil, pen and paper to start. I then usually adjust it in Adobe Illustrator – enhancing it with some colour, cleaning up parts of the image. 

One of the courses I teach is History of Graphic Design. I try emphasize the importance of the basics – the art and influences that came before the graphic design created on a computer. So in that course they rarely use a computer for any of their projects – I think its important that they get experience creating with their hands before they spend a lot of the rest of the diploma creating on a computer.

I think art is necessary for kids in school because it helps them open up their minds and imaginations – it taps in to their creativity and helps them explore that side of their brain. Creativity can be applied to any task from graphic design to accounting (hopefully the right kind of creativity with that one) and art in school can help pull that kind of divergent thinking into everything at a young age.

ADMI offers premium graphic design courses both for beginners and those looking to expand their knowlege. 


Cosidering joining the creative arts industry here are some tips that can help you succeed in the creative industry.

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