Foundation Courses

Certificate in Photography

This Photography programme prepares students for the creative, conceptual, technical and professional demands of a full-time photography career. On completing the programme, students emerge with a comprehensive set of skills, able to take, caption, process and print photographs at an intermediate level, and with a clear idea of what area of photography they wish to operate in (social, documentary, commercial, art/concept).

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept - Duration 4 months

Certificate in Multimedia

A multimedia certificate provides a foundation in interactive digital content creation to enhance professional expertise and make our graduates more marketable in today’s high-tech communication environment. Working professionals are equipped with a flexible skill set and solid knowledge on how to work with digital and online media platforms.

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept - Duration 4 months

Music Production & Sound Engineering

The Certificate in Music Production and Sound Engineering focuses on learning by doing (practical and experiential learning). The course will run over a period of fourteen weeks and provide learners with training in Music Production Analysis, Mixing Fundamentals, Introduction to DAW, Basic Music Production and Ear Training. The course will equip learners with basic technical skills and requisite experience they need to pursue and build successful and exciting careers within this field. Through career launchpad class, learners will acquire essential soft skills that equip them to interact better with other students and the outside world.

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept - Duration 4 months

Graphic Design Certificate

ADMI’s Graphic Design course teaches you the latest graphic design techniques and software. Through a project-based curriculum  that leverages Adobe Education learning resources, you will learn to communicate ideas across a range of visual mediums.

The course begins with an introduction to the history of design and design principles before progressing to branding, digital artwork, and motion graphics. Over the course of two years, you will complete briefs for real clients using a variety of software from Adobe Creative Suite, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects.

Intakes: Jan, May, Sept - Duration 4 months