The Africa Digital Media Foundation ADMF is headquartered in Nairobi Kenya the worlds Silicon Savannah and has existed since 2011
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The Africa Digital Media Foundation (ADMF) is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, the world’s Silicon Savannah, and has been working since 2011 to advance the creative economy.

ADMF is situated at the center of an exciting trend that sees media, technology, business and the arts collapsing into one as part of the digital revolution. This fundamental shift creates an opportunity for African youth to join the global economy as equals. However, several obstacles have been identified to this, including:

  • Lack of a conducive business environment in general
  • Disjointed value chain supporting bankable, scalable investment opportunities
  • Uncoordinated stakeholders failing to identify and articulate their priorities
  • Low technical, soft and entrepreneurship skills at almost all nodes in the value chain

We provide scholarships for qualifying students to enroll in ADMI’s cutting edge programs in creative media and technology. We also work with government and industry to help creative entrepreneurs create both purpose and employment for Africa’s youth. ADMF has 3 activity streams:

  1. Inclusion – Promotes access to ADMI courses for under-served groups (scholarships for women, low-income and disabled students as well as high-impact, on-ramp training in slums and refugee camps)
  2. Influence – Advocates policies that promote the growth of the creative sectors (promoting reforms for access, education and infrastructure in the digital space as well as technical assistance to public agencies, including seeking to organize and empower the creative sectors)
  3. Investment – Channels resources to support investment in creative entrepreneurs, particularly those innovating at the intersection of media and technology (accelerators to mentor promising entrepreneurs and funds to support the scaling of their enterprises).