Learn and Work

ADMI’s unique learn and work model incorporates high-spec technical training, both in and outside the classroom. It consists of four planks – industry exposure, work experience, internship and career launchpad. Through this model, our students gain not only knowledge from the classroom, but also, soft skills and practical training in their respective industries. Our goal is to ensure that upon graduation, our students have practical skills that give them an edge over other prospects in their field.

Industry exposure

Industry exposure is an opportunity for our diploma students to experience the different industries in which they will be working. In the first and second-semester, students participate in various industry exposure events to get first hand insight from industry experts. Attendance and logistics are coordinated by the Student Affairs team who ensure that the attendees are taken care of and getting relevant experience while in the field.

Student at Ongea Music Festival 2019

Industry mentor talk at ADMI

Industry exposure gives students the ability to link what is taught in class to current industry trends as well as experience critical professional networking. Our students have attended events such as the Ongea Music Festival, Nairobi Film Festival, Nairobi Design Week, and Kalasha Awards, among others, where they interacted with industry experts from around the world.

Work experience

Work experience allows our diploma students to develop projects with our employer partners. It is coordinated by the Student Affairs team who match the students to the opportunities in their respective fields. The work experience allows students to practice the skills they gain in the classroom to produce high-quality content for different organizations, clients or projects. By the time the students complete their final semester of coursework, they will have participated in at least 4 short-term projects, equipping them with invaluable experience and an impressive portfolio of work in their chosen field.

The students’ progress is supervised by a technical advisor, who provides direction and guidance and tracks the execution of tasks during that time. These assignments allow the students to get immediate feedback from both the employer partners and ADMI staff.

Our students have gained work experience from companies that include TNR Trust, Young Entrepreneurs Network Online Expo, Two Rivers Mall and Fuzu Team by Adelle. Students have also been involved in on-campus projects and events such as ADMI Graduation and ADMI Sisimka.

Students covering an event at KICC

Student at Two Rivers Mall

Student covering graduation

Career Launchpad

While the ADMI coursework focuses on technical skills, the Career Launchpad focuses on the students’ soft skills. The program trains them on how to present themselves in a professional manner – from attire and communication to presentation and interpersonal skills. Blending exercises on presentations, public speaking and mock interviews, the Career Launchpad also guides the students on how to prepare official letters, resumes, and portfolios, which are then used to secure internship placements after their final semester.


The ADMI internship program places students in supervised internships after their final semester of coursework. As part of the learning experience, students are required to complete a mandatory 480 hour-long attachment, where their performance is evaluated and graded.  Over the 3-month period, the employer partner assigns the intern a supervisor to assess their technical and soft skills, as well as their overall performance, which increases the likelihood that interns will be absorbed as employees. It is a great opportunity for them to gain practical experience in a real-life working environment. This also builds their resumes and portfolios, which, upon graduation, can be used at job interviews to demonstrate their skills.

ADMI has partnered with leading companies in the various creative media and technology fields such as Buni Media, PS Audio Visual,  Internet of Elephants, the Village Creative and Ngomma VAS, among others.

[video src="https://admi.ac.ke/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/internship.mp4" /]
Music Producer

Benard Chali, an intern at Ketebul Music demonstrating his skills.

(from left to right) Patrick Ondiek & Nick Loder of Ketebul Music, with Victoria, ADMI Placement Team, Bernard Chali, ADMI Music Production student and Peter Wairagu, ADMI Principal.

George Gakere, ADMI Graphic design student presenting his work during the performance evaluation.

Hopeking Muchira and Angela Bosibori (behind the lens) interns at Kenya Youth for Christ.


ADMI offers 2 optional apprenticeships:

App Factory

The ADMI App Factory offers Africa’s game development enthusiasts the hands-on experience they need to succeed as professional game developers – able to design and develop, for a cloud-first and mobile-first world. The apprentices, who typically already hold a diploma or degree, are individuals passionate about coding, gaming and modern object-oriented coding practices with a good understanding of full-stack development.

Apprentices in the AppFactory will be part of a development team responsible for delivering briefs commissioned by diverse multinational clients. They will be mentored by dedicated senior developers in the real world, high-pressure environment of professional game development. This apprenticeship is best suited for hard-working individuals who are interested in intensive learning and enjoy bringing their creative ideas for mobile games to life. The outcomes of participating in the apprenticeship are Microsoft Cloud Certification, exposure to the mobile gaming industry and practical experience in building a mobile game.

Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab is a finishing school, offering graduates holding a diploma or degree an opportunity to polish their digital media skills delivering actual client briefs drawing on cross-functional competencies in film, photography, graphic design, animation, sound and digital marketing as well as business and project management.

Working under the tutelage of an experienced Project Manager, the apprentices will undergo all the stages of a workplace project, from client negotiation to project budgeting, participating in collaborative teamwork under structured workflows to deliver on time, under budget and to the quality the clients demand. At the end of the 4- or 8-month period, the apprentice will have a robust portfolio showing actual work for leading regional and global companies.

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