Learn and Work


Unlike the traditional 3-month apprenticeship, ADMI’s learn-and-work model requires students to rigorously engage with and contribute to their chosen industry throughout their academic experience.

Industry Events enables students to gain industry exposure and connect what they are learning in class to industry trends, while also building their professional networks. These events may include Nairobi Film Festival, FilmAid, Nairobi Innovation Week. Students participate in a minimum of two events per term.

Career Launchpad is a requirement for all Diploma students. The career launchpad equips the students with the digital and soft-skills they need to successfully launch careers in their industry of choice.

Through this one-year programme, students practice essential life and leadership skills, hone their professional skills and develop the confidence they need to effectively communicate, collaborate, and contribute to multidisciplinary, multicultural and increasingly virtual teams.

In their final term, students complete their required coursework, in addition to the following:

  • Professional Portfolio, which is supervised by a technical advisor and approved by a committee of industry professionals.
  • Project-Based Dissertation under the supervision of a technical advisor and approved by a committee of industry professionals.
  • Internship Placement, which requires students to be interviewed and hand-picked by employers for a three-month full-time internship.

Work Placement enables students to practise the skills they learn in class to produce professional products for our employer partners. Students are held to ethical standards in terms of their attitude, behaviour and work quality. By the time students complete their final term of coursework, they will have completed eight short-term projects, equipping them with invaluable experience in their chosen field and an impressive portfolio of work to boot.

Students are always accompanied by a technical advisor (faculty member) or by a student affairs officer on these assignments – someone to provide supervision and direction and who can ensure that ADMI staff provide students with immediate feedback on their performance. Additionally, our Work Placements require employer partners to give direct feedback to ADMI and individual students.

Employer Partners

Here at ADMI, we pride ourselves on connecting our students with leading companies in the relevant industries.

Here are some of the companies where our students have interned and worked at.

of the alumni believe they have better technical skills than other graduates
of the alumni agree that ADMI prepared them to work in their industry of choice
of the alumni believe they have more work experience than other graduates