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What’s your story:

Hey! I studied graphic design and it birthed a passion to help people and firms communicate their product or service through visual design and videos that have a story to tell. I am into storytelling and if God wills I seek to tell a story through my skills, change people’s perspective so that we can birth generations and communities that uphold, the truth, creativity, imagination, logic, knowledge and ethics as primary “tools” in their lives so that we can have a better world. All these through awesome stories and designs, and hopefully paint the beauty of Kenya. as for now I am working as a freelancer as I seek to chase the dream.

What inspires you

I am inspired by the beauty of Truth (The I am) as well as the beauty of telling stories, since beautiful stories have helped me imagine widely and think critically.

What are your career aspirations

Design storytelling/ Film/ Illustration/ Music

How has ADMI prepared you

I lack words! For me ADMI provided the best faculty who walked with me and they were super friendly too! It provided me with resources and knowledge to help walk this journey. I actually got my niche in one of the units and I seek to make my teachers proud since they have no idea of how much they invested in me. I’m grateful.

What do you remember most about ADMI

Awesome teachers! (The incredible & alignment guru Brian Omollo, the awesome Nzilani, the meticulous Dennis Mbuthia, the mind-blowing Kevin Chepkech, Geoffrey, Shaddie, Agent Jack with the cables, Victoria and Vanessa who served us well), the awesome students and culture that ADMI upheld, the opportunities you guys offered, I mean, it was just more than enough. Not forgetting the high fees; that was worth it and the slow internet that got fixed on my way out haha)

Any advice for current students

“Make good use of every opportunity, because I think ADMI has lots of treasure!” “Listen to your teachers and disturb them with work and questions, get every inch of knowledge they have and ask for help where you need, make good use of them too.” “Finish assignments and watch out for little foxes that can distract your course.” “Stay focused and keep practicing, one day you’ll reap a harvest” “Have fun!

Portfolio/work samples

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