What’s your story

My passion for visual storytelling was fueled by my life where I was brought up in an informal settlement Baba dogo, Nairobi Kenya. In 2014, I trained basic in Film making and Photography at Kyouth Media free training for the youth and in 2016, I was privileged to participate in the Slum Film Festival and with other participants we came up with a film project, JIHUSISHE, aimed at sensitizing youths on importance of their involvement in politics. This opened a major door for me in my career as I landed a scholarship at ADMI to pursue a Diploma in Film & TV Production. This was totally a new experience to me and I did not hesitate to share the skills with the youth and kids from my area as a give back project. At the end of my course at ADMI, I was placed at Covenant Television Network for my Internship, where I got employed as a producer and camera operator for both live and pre-recorded TV programs for 2 years till March this year, but I continue with my journey as freelancer hoping to tell world best stories as I search for future opportunities to express my creativity.\

What do you do

I’m a freelancer

What inspires you

Making my community and world a better place for the people behind me through films and documentaries I believe stories last!

What are your career aspirations

To become one of the best content creators and distributors.

How has ADMI prepared you

ADMI has played a very major role in my career. What I experienced during the class room to what I did on field is exactly what was required in the industry. ADMI prepared me for the industry.

What do you remember most about ADMI

I always looked forward to the practical part using some cameras that I never imagined I would use if asked few years ago. I really enjoyed using the Black Magic

Any advice for current students

Tomorrow is not certain. Start taking advantage of the time and energy they have. Practice makes perfect.

Portfolio/work samples

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