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What’s your story:

Coming in for graphic design, I had to fight the imposter syndrome everyday I walked up the stairs to class. Today, I have a bit more confidence in my work because I have the backing of “senseis” (teachers) behind me. I have shot and designed works for myself and for some startup companies. I want to continue working in the creative field for as long as possible.

What inspires you

I’m inspired by day to day life. As cliche as it sounds, there’s so much you can see if you observe our daily life. It is there where we get the most amazing stories.

What are your career aspirations

I aspire to be the creative director of an advertising agency.

How has ADMI prepared you

ADMI has given me the necessary hard skills for the industry. I am aware of the standards required and I wasn’t naive about what to expect out in the workforce

What do you remember most about ADMI

The most memorable thing that will forever stick with me about ADMI is the community. Everyone makes you feel like part of a family. There is so much support and professionalism and I greatly appreciated that

Any advice for current students

Trust in the process and trust in yourself. You aren’t where you are by mistake.

Portfolio/work samples

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