What’s your story

My passion for film was ignited back when I was living in the refugee camp, I have always been very curious about digital content, this pushed me to get closer to FilmAid International, an NGO that offers film training to refugee students. I was one of the lucky beneficiaries on the film training program, the program is a 9-month long certificate program and the training started in January 2016 and ended in September 2016. The same month, through a sponsorship, I came to ADMI to continue with a diploma in Film and TV production. Upon successful completion of the diploma program, I got a job with Whats Good Studios, a film production company, as a Cinematographer/Editor which is where I am currently working. On the other hand I run my own startup production company called African Creative Triangle.

What do you do

I am a cinematographer/editor at What’s Good Studios, a production company in Nairobi Kenya.

What inspires you

I draw my inspirations from everyday human stories

What are your career aspirations

I hope to be one of the most notable filmmakers in Africa one day, my biggest hope is to be able to win an Oscar for Africa with an African story.

How has ADMI prepared you

ADMI training leans more towards a hands on approach, this helps prepare the students for the uncompromising industry that they are walking into, and know exactly how to present themselves at work.

What do you remember most about ADMI

The amazing productions with like minded individuals that are very talented in various fields.

Any advice for current students

As much as it is exciting, the industry can throw you down a few times but always stand your ground and never give up.

Portfolio/work samples

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