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Africa Digital Media Institute was lucky to have MultiChoice’s Group Head of Innovation and Innovation Team visit the campus last week. The team, comprising of 10 South African filmmakers who won the MultiChoice Digital Content Innovation Challenge, had the chance to meet up with students and mentor them towards a career in film. The talk was very insightful with some of our students looking to sign up for the Talent Factory programme which provides students with internships in careers leaning towards film production. Listed below are quotes/sayings that the filmmakers stick by and hopefully, it speaks to you.

“ You must learn the rules of your craft. That way, you know how to break them.” ~Neo Sibiya, Eccentric Circus.

“Be confident in who you are and in your story. Don’t feel the need to do an imitation. Truth; your truth, is impactful”. ~Mbalizethu Zulu, Melanin Rose Films.

“Create more. Create your own. That’s when you’ll find you.”~ Jason Thorne, BlackBelt:

“ Eat what you kill. So, go hunt.”~ Tabisa Konyashe, Innovation Specialist, Multichoice.

“Make content relatable. Script precedes talent.” ~Mbalizethu Zulu.

“Always have a show-reel. By creating more, you grow more.”~ Jason Thorne.

“ Writing can be a lonely process. Let others see your work. That’s how you are defined”. ~Neo Sibiya.

“The only way to strengthen your craft is by not thinking it’s enough. Strive to learn more through your experiences each day”. ~Thembalethu Mfebe.

“ Let’s not be prejudiced against our own ( African) content.” ~Mbalizethu Zulu.

“Conduct research on your audience. Learn to know what( content) they want and what time they want it.” ~ Aluta Qupa, Melanin Rose Film Production.

“Be practical rather than theoretical. Be conversant with tools that help you create your content”.~ Jason Thorne.

“Attach structure to your passion because it will always be a constant struggle to prove yourself.”~Thembalethu Mfebe.

“ Adopt an entrepreneurial mind sooner. Build your social capital with something creative or enhance a behind-the-scenes type of thing.”~ Jason Thorne.

“ Intuition= Innovation.Try creating games out of existing content.”~ Xolani Nhlapo, Eccentric Circus.

Multichoice further encouraged students to merge their artistic voice with structure and enter more into competitions. Through this, they get to learn what their strengths are and how to capitalize on them. Students should not feel put down if their work is not the same as another’s. It is important to remain true to yourself and not feel pressured to do an imitation of someone else’s work. And in the words of Tabisa Konyashe, You eat what you kill, so go hunt!

If you are interested in Film and T.V Production, you can visit our page below and learn more. 

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