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ADMI, Wowzi Partner to Empower Content Creators and Influencers

Nairobi, Kenya — September 4, 2023

The Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI), the premier creative arts and technology training institution in Eastern Africa, and Wowzi, a globally recognized technology company specializing in influencer marketing, have announced partnership aiming at empowering content creators and revolutionizing the digital media landscape.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Wowzi and ADMI signals their shared commitment to empower at least one million content creators, providing them with a platform to transform their creative expression into dignified livelihoods across Africa. This strategic partnership is organized into three pivotal phases; preparatory, pilot, and scale. Through this partnership, both entities are poised to achieve their mission by creating and promoting cutting-edge learning content that enhances the capabilities of aspiring and established content creators on the Wowzi platform, as well as within the broader creator economy.

Dr. Laila Macharia, Co-Founder and CEO of ADMI, said, “This groundbreaking MOU underscores our mutual dedication to nurturing and supporting the aspirations of creators throughout Africa. Together, our aim is to furnish a platform for one million content creators, enabling them to translate their creative visions into sustainable livelihoods while simultaneously generating economic value and societal impact for both partners.”

Wowzi and ADMI will collaborate to solidify and expand the reach of the ADMI-Wowzi learning and production initiative across Africa and beyond.

Wowzi Co-Founder and President Mike Otieno, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled about the potential of this collaboration and the opportunities it will open up for creators, brands, and the wider digital media ecosystem. By harnessing the expertise and resources of both Wowzi and ADMI, this partnership is primed to reshape the landscape of influencer marketing and content creation across Africa and beyond.”

The three phases of this collaboration encompass a spectrum of activities, including the development of innovative courses, the enhancement of learning experiences, and the cultivation of industry alliances to unlock the full potential of content creators and influencers.

During the pilot phase, the partnership will introduce the Influencer Marketing Accelerator—a hybrid course that operates under a dynamic non-profit and for-profit model, adapted to the evolving market demands. This initial pilot will consist of self passed virtual modules and masterclasses by established influencers.

In recent years, influencer marketing has gained significant traction as a powerful strategy for brands to connect with audiences authentically through social media. This approach involves leveraging individuals trusted and followed by specific niche communities. Studies have shown that about 70 per cent of consumers trust recommendations from influencers or friends on social platforms.

According to Forbes, the global influencer marketing industry has grown by tenfold from Sh140 billion (USD 1.7 billion) in 2016 to Sh2.4 trillion in 2023, with forecasts suggesting it could reach Sh20 trillion (USD 16.4 billion) by 2030. This growth is largely attributed to the accessibility of platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, enabling individuals to create content and find their niche audiences.

In Kenya, a 2023 Datareportal report shows that over 10.15 million users aged 18 and above actively used social media at the start 2023, constituting roughly 33.6 per cent of the adult population.

Among these users, YouTube had the largest user base at 9.44 million, followed closely by Facebook at 9.25 million, Instagram with 2.20 million users, LinkedIn with 3.50 million “members,” Snapchat with 2.45 million, and Twitter with 1.9 million users.

Kenya has witnessed YouTube’s emergence as a significant employment avenue, with a minimum of 300 YouTubers amassing more than 100,000 subscribers each, as reported in the 2022 YouTube Rich List. This trend extends to Nigeria and South Africa, with each country boasting at least 300 channels with over 100,000 subscribers, highlighting YouTube’s growing influence in the region.

A 2023 Reuters Institute Digital News report underscores Kenya’s global leadership in TikTok usage, with 54 per cent of TikTok users in the country using the platform for various purposes, including 29 per cent for news consumption. Thailand and South Africa follow closely in second and third place, respectively, with 50 per cent and 22 per cent of TikTok users engaging in general use and news consumption, particularly among younger audiences.


About Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI)

ADMI stands as Eastern Africa’s preeminent creative arts, media, and technology training institution, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. The institute offers a comprehensive array of globally acclaimed courses at foundation, certificate, and diploma levels, spanning Film & Television Production, Animation and Motion Graphics, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia, Digital Marketing, and Game Development. ADMI’s distinctive work-and-learn model is pragmatic, industry-responsive, and designed to achieve above-market placement rates. In collaboration with the Africa Digital Media Foundation (ADMF), ADMI has equipped over 5,000 digital professionals and creative entrepreneurs from over 30 countries with the training, mentorship, and platform necessary to transform their passion into a profession.

About Wowzi

Wowzi is Africa’s premier creator platform. As a technology company, we develop globally relevant solutions to power Africa’s rapidly expanding creator economy. We operate at the frontier where technology meets marketing and the future of

commerce. We drive value for the world’s largest FMCG companies, allowing them to harness the full potential of influencer marketing and social commerce to drive demand for goods and services. And we do this not just in maturing media environments, but we challenge ourselves to work in markets where traditional players can’t or won’t operate. And while much of what we do shows up online, the true power of our platform lies in its ability to drive offline conversation and influence. The Wowzi platform is building networks of creator-entrepreneurs, organized into niche communities, opening up new opportunities for economic growth. We have effectively turned the traditional influencer model on its head, meaning the vast majority of money and power in our system lies with the masses, rather than being concentrated at the top by a few celebrity personalities.We aspire to create millions of sustainable jobs for African creators over the coming years, and our ambition is to grow far beyond the shores of the continent.

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