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Start your career in Digital Media, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality!

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Are you a designer or developer ready to settle down into a stable, paying career? Tired of multiple side hustles and ready for a solid corporate career (with benefits)?

If you are a techie or a creative ready for a fresh start, here’s your chance to get back on track. Whether you fit into our Unreal  Engine, 3D Animation Design, UX/UI, or Python career paths, Vytal offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to benefit from a structured apprenticeship.

So if you qualify through our AI-driven matching process, are disciplined and dedicated, we offer you a supportive community of team leaders and coworkers all focused on your growth, and showing you how you have met skill milestones every few months.

Plus you get to work in world-class facilities for prestigious clients across the world.

And the best part? You get to discover and expand your creative abilities in a career you enjoy and love.

Say ‘Yes!’ to ADMI & Vytal, say Yes to yourself, and let’s get started.

NB: Please be detailed with your answers.

Deadline: February 12th, 2022.

ADMI and Vytal Global are joining forces to offer a radical new approach to talent development for the tech economy.  We will be offering an exciting work and learn opportunity for creative technology students to complete their diplomas while working for leading regional and global tech employers.

This inspiring collaboration creates a guaranteed path to a career in the high-demand creative and tech fields. We will work closely with leading industry partners to recruit students even as they continue with their studies and support them throughout their careers.

Together, ADMI and Vytal will be training young people for the workplace using a paid internship model. We will target young people in high school, in college, and finally in structured apprenticeships for our Alumni. Combining expertise and experience from the past education work of both parties, the partnership will use cutting-edge technology to produce futuristic curricula, certification, and delivery of programs supported by real-world career exploration as well as student finance. 


Our first apprenticeship cohort, drawn exclusively from ADMI alumni, will be admitted in March 2022. The apprentices, all ADMI diploma graduates will work full-time in the Vytal creative technology hub based in Nairobi, with competitive compensation increasing with annual advancement. Our female-friendly work environment will include on-site career coaching and mental health support.


Our first cohort of 100 diploma students will be admitted into the program starting May 2022, following a rigorous AI-driven admission process. Students will be offered a scholarship and academic credit in exchange for 20 hours a week of work on entry-level tasks in the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and digital media fields. Interns will be supervised directly by blended teams of supervisors from Kenya and the United States. 

Career Explorations

Our first intake of secondary school students will be admitted into our Career Exploration program in April 2022. This combined platform provides middle, high school, and college students the opportunity to continue their formal learning while enjoying a comprehensive career academy experience part-time. The students are supported throughout their career exploration journey dipping into different career pathways and building character and soft skills, often while earning ADMI or college credit or industry-recognized certifications. A critical aspect of the program is our e-sports community, which meets high standards of quality and engagement while imparting demonstrable technical and leadership skills in a secure environment.

Meet the Partners

Headquartered in Richmond Virginia, Vytal Studios is a technology company that uses immersive virtual and augmented reality technologies to design and deliver innovative digital media, entertainment, and learning content under its Vytal Studios, Vytal Experience, and Vytal Learning brands. Vytal is collaborating closely with the Africa Digital Media Institute and the Virginia Commonwealth University to establish extended reality clusters in Nairobi, Kenya, and Richmond, Virginia. 

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, the Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) was founded in 2011 as Eastern Africa’s premier creative design, media, and technology training institution. The Institute offers a wide range of globally recognized courses at foundation, certificate, and diploma levels in Film & Television Production, Animation and Motion Graphics, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia, Digital Marketing, and Game Development. ADMI’s unique learn-and-work model is practical, industry-relevant, and targets above-market placement rates.