Student Council

ADMI Student Council

Our Student Council is run BY students, for students

The Student Council exists to support everyone in the ADMI community, offering a voice and/or leadership opportunities to every student, from new students in their first term to seniors taking final exams.

At the beginning of each programme, students elect a class representative to participate in the Student Council. Each class representative speaks on behalf of all students in their respective programme. Members report to the Student Executive Council, which serves as a bridge between students and ADMI as an administration. The Student Executive Council consists of two co-Presidents, along with the Secretary General, Treasurer and Outreach Member.

Student Council members, working with the Executive Council, are committed to:

  • Supporting new students’ transition into ADMI
  • Clarifying the administration’s expectations for all students
  • Facilitating a strong student community across ADMI’s various programmes and cohorts
  • Advocating and championing student needs to the administration

If you are interested in leadership and being an agent for positive change, then the Student Council is for you!

Council Members

Walid Kilonzo ADMI President
Walid Kilonzi

Member Role

Job Simiyu ADMI Vice President
Job Simiyu

Member Role
Vice President

Wanjiru Kahugu Outreach Student Council
Wanjiru Kahugu

Member Role

Philip Mureithi Treasurer Student Council
Philip Mureithi

Member Role

Albert Kariuki student council
Albert Kariuki

Member Role
Secretary General