Meet Our International Students

[vc_row css=”%7B%22default%22%3A%7B%22margin-top%22%3A%220px%22%2C%22border-top-width%22%3A%220px%22%2C%22padding-top%22%3A%220px%22%7D%7D”][vc_column width=”1/3″][us_separator size=”large”][us_person image=”26256″ name=”Wezi Chatepa” role=”Music Production Student” img_size=”full”]I’m from Malawi, this is my final semester at ADMI and music has been a part of me since birth. I started playing the electric guitar when I was nine years old and I never looked back. So it was only natural for me to pursue a career in music.

After high school, I had to find a school where I would professionally pursue music and learn how to break into the music industry. I had to choose between ADMI and a couple of universities in South Africa. ADMI’s syllabus appeared to be richer than the others. Studying here also meant that I would be more independent so I chose ADMI.

Being at ADMI has been life-changing. Now I know the intricacies of the music business. I know how to advocate for myself, so I get fairly compensated for what I do. I can identify notes, harmonies and keys without straining. I think Tetu Shani is undeniably one of the most gifted guitarists in this generation. [/us_person][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][us_separator size=”large”][us_person image=”26245″ name=”Abel Kuloba” role=”Graphic Design Student” img_size=”full”]Just the other day, I joined ADMI to pursue Graphic Design. I majored in Art and Design back home then practised my skills for two years. But I had this unrelenting interest in Digital Art so I searched for a suitable institution and ended up here.

Kenya was challenging at first. I had to adjust to the currency, the matatu culture, Swahili and ‘sheng’. Over time, I started to appreciate the people and their culture. Now I can’t get enough of bhajias – deep-fried, thin potato slices coated in gram flour. I’m liking it here.

I draw most of my inspiration from illustrated characters so you’ll find me watching animations or reading comic books in my free time. I also dabble in photography. During my time here, I’d like to grow my skills in photography and digital art, so I can become a sought after photographer, cartoonist, illustrator and all-round graphic designer.
[/us_person][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][us_separator size=”large”][us_person image=”26253″ name=”Golda Nyidhal” role=”Digital Journalism Student” img_size=”full”]Whenever people hear of South Sudan, they often think of war, poverty and hunger. This makes me really sad because it doesn’t really represent our daily life. We have lots of untapped potential in South Sudan and one day, I’ll show that.

I’m learning new skills every day which I’ll use to show a different side of South Sudan. I plan to start my own media house so I can introduce my people to a wider variety of video content. Practical subjects used to be my least favourite. But studying at ADMI has made me fall in love with practicals and helped me get out of my comfort zone.

The thing I love about Kenya is its malls. Everything is so urbanized and I can easily access what I need in the comfort of my home. Everyone is kind and friendly. I love baking, watching movies, podcasting and editing videos. My greatest inspiration is Jeff Koinange. I think he’s a brilliant writer with spectacular interviewing skills. He is an icon![/us_person][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][us_person image=”26254″ name=”Joseph Tandeo” role=”Sound Engineering Student” img_size=”full”]I was born and raised in Tanzania. Like most people who grew up singing in church, I developed an interest in Music and Live Sound Mixing. I’m here to learn Sound Engineering so that I can share the same knowledge with people back home.

People back home recognize Kenya’s music industry. So when I told them I wanted to advance my studies, my church members supported and motivated me to come here. I have a great support system, which has enabled me to come this far.

My Swahili is flawless. My English is not so good. So I occasionally experience a hard time expressing myself and understanding various terminologies. However, I appreciate the lecturers at ADMI for being professional, understanding and kind. I look forward to having a good time in Kenya and getting to know more of its people. [/us_person][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][us_person image=”26251″ name=”Abdel Moumine” role=”Graphic Design Student” img_size=”full”]My love for graphic design began when I was a child growing up in Ivory Coast. When my family moved to Kenya, I knew I had the perfect chance to pursue my interest in graphic design. I strongly believe that the creative space in Kenya is more appreciated than that in other African countries.

I love ADMI because it’s a small community. I find it highly organized too. I’m currently looking into various internship opportunities where I can grow my skills and earn an income. I also believe I can apply the knowledge and skills I’ve gained at ADMI to grow my brand.

My stay in Kenya has been memorable thanks to my family who are here with me. Before the pandemic, I enjoyed going to concerts, vibing to Kenyan music and meeting new people. Now that I’m done with school I intend to visit other parts of the country. I like to play football and cook for my family in my free time.[/us_person][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][us_person image=”26252″ name=”David Bamidele” role=”Digital Journalism Student” img_size=”full”]I’m from Nigeria. I heard about ADMI from a friend when I was looking for a school that specialises in media. I made my enquiries and shortly after, enrolled in the Digital Journalism class.

I want to become a professional podcaster and I love the fact that my classes are practical. I get to train with the latest equipment and the lecturers and staff are always willing to help. But knowing how to use equipment is just the beginning. I’m working on my written and verbal communication skills every day. And every day I get closer to achieving my dream.

I’ve enjoyed my stay here. I love ugali and nyama choma. I love the white sandy beaches in Diani, I love the vibrant social life in Kenya and everyone is so warm and kind. Even though it was released a year ago, I can’t have enough of Sauti Sol’s Suzanna. I also vibe to Khaligraph Jones’ music. [/us_person][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][us_person image=”26255″ name=”Leon Cyrus” role=”Animation & Digital Media” img_size=”full”]I’ve always had an interest in animation, motion graphics and visual effects. Unfortunately, in Liberia, a career in animation and motion graphics is still rare. So I ended up studying Film and TV Production then got a job as a producer at one of the best TV stations in Liberia.

Early this year, I decided to give myself a chance in Animation. My search for an African university that offered the course led me here. At first, I was worried. Would I have a hard time settling down and adjusting to the Kenyan way of life? My worries soon melted away as the admissions counsellors held my hand and took great care of me.

I want to be an intermediate animator so I can help fill the gap back in Liberia. My long term career goal is to work with Pixar and Disney on the best animation films yet. I love drawing, watching cartoons and YouTube videos. I love chapati and beans and I look forward to trying out more Kenyan delicacies. [/us_person][/vc_column][/vc_row]