Lianna Nuru Scio

Sound Eng - Class Representative 2021

I’m the only lady in my class and I have felt appreciated and respected as a Class Representative. It feels great. My classmates and I believe in teamwork, good communication, mutual respect, and accountability. The fact that I am rational, inclusive, and supportive makes me a good fit for them. I’m also a good listener.

My aunt inspires me to be an outstanding leader. We co-founded an organization that provides books and school supplies to children who have limited access. We aim to establish community libraries across the country.

Carole Tuimur

Graphic Design Level 1 - Class Representative 2020

People often tell me that I am an affiliative and authoritative kind of leader. I create an environment where there are open lines of communication, innovation, and trust. My authoritative side shows up when I need to give direction and drive my team towards achieving a certain goal.

My greatest highlight in leadership has been fostering deeper interpersonal relationships. I like to connect with others at a personal level. I am loyal and approachable.

Linda Wairegi

Film & TV - Class Representative 2019

I’m the type of leader that brings people together through the power of collaboration, teamwork. I believe in good communication, thorough planning, and being solution-oriented. That’s my superpower!

Being a leader has taught me patience and resilience. My greatest highlight was coordinating the Media Team during the Fusion Exhibition in 2019. We successfully covered photography and video content for the school’s social media platforms.

Golda Nyidhal

Digital Journalism Class Representative 2021

People will tell you that I deal with matters head-on. I believe in assisting people and walking with them through their challenges. Being a source of inspiration is the reason I choose to lead.

During the Secret Valentine Event, I was in charge of decor and location setup. At first, I doubted myself. Could I pull it off? This event was one of the big ones because it was highly anticipated and we were expecting large numbers. I put my doubts aside and got to work. On the day of the event, everything worked out just as I had expected. The theme and feel of the event were just right.

Gertrude Njeri

ADMI Vice President - 2019

Innovative, creative, understanding and social, that’s the best way to describe me as a leader. Being the first female Vice President at ADMI was such a terrific experience. I not only found a family but I also got to work with and for the best people. I am forever grateful for that.

My proudest and most memorable project as VP was orchestrating the Love a Child Campaign. The student council and I managed to mobilize about 150 students to donate clothes, food and money for the kids at Nyumbani Children’s Home. We also got to spend time and play games with them. That was a life-changing experience for us.

Irene Mungai

ADMI President - 2021

Being the first female president at ADMI is an absolute honour. It shows that I’m trustworthy, visionary and reliable. I’m a people person. I think I’m a mixture of sunshine and hurricane. I can be fun and cheerful but serious and assertive. That gives me the perfect balance as Madam President. ADMI students are creative, friendly and generous with their knowledge. I look forward to diligently serving them and raising the bar as the first female president.

I love to see women getting recognized and being given opportunities to lead. I admire Vice President Kamala Harris and Shonda Rhimes. These are unstoppable women. And they challenge young girls to relentlessly chase their dreams.

Heidi Odongo

ADMI Secretary-General 2021

I don’t believe in failure. I never leave anyone behind. Seeing people succeed makes me very happy. I’m the type of leader who talks people through things and encourages them to be the best versions of themselves.

I’m pleased to say that I was the mastermind behind the Secret Valentine Event. The Student Executive Council and the Student Affairs Associate were tremendously supportive of the idea. In one week, we came up with a theme, designed posters, planned for refreshments, entertainment and decor. Despite the short time frame, the Secret Valentine event was one of the best events yet!

Sarah Njoroge

ADMI Vice President - 2020

I’m vision-led, goal-oriented, and a great listener. I was VP during the initial phases of the pandemic when everything seemed uncertain, difficult, and impossible. Leading at that time was tough because we had zero physical interaction. Everything was virtual.

The transition from normalcy was very challenging. The Student Executive Council had to constantly come up with ways of interacting with the students virtually. At first, we struggled with communication and getting people on board. But as time went by, we managed to make it work. Everyone started to adjust and things got a bit better.