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Top 5 best video games in 2017

The last few years has seen tremendous growth in the video gaming industry. There is a growing gaming community in Africa who are keeping tabs with these developments. We recently sad down with one such avid gamer Philip Odhiambo an ADMI alumni and according to him these are the top 5 best videos games in 2017.

  1. Titanfall 2

Up to date I rank this my number one game, mostly because it changed my feel of First-Person Shooter Online Multiplayer Gaming experience. The exceptional Fast-Paced Gameplay, simple and adjustable maneuvering provided by the Pilot’s Jump-Kit suit gives it a futuristic element that feels smooth.

The various elements of gameplay available to the pilot, sliding, parkour-Wall running and Zip lining, cloaking, phase shifting, pulse knife, grappling hook, Holo-Pilot and many others give the gameplay variety. Whichever perk one choses to use, it makes competition intense which they can showcase in the various locations like Boom Town, War Games, Glitch, Crash site and others.

The one thing that separates titanfall 2 from other FPSs, is, just from the title itself, The Titans, Huge Mech-Exoskeleton Tanks that are summoned by Pilots after meeting certain challenges whilst playing, add a much needed armor for the desired pilot. These mechanized Tanks can either be Piloted or roam around following the Pilot on Auto-Mode.

 Black video game controller - isolated over a white background.jpeg

  1. Batman Arkham Knight

Following the happenings of Batman Arkham City, it is a year after the Joker dies, and Batman is coping with the loss of his arch-nemesis as crime in the disputed city of Gotham drops drastically. It is Halloween and Scarecrow steps in the scene to introduce his new improved Fear Serum by demonstrating its virility in a small café, forcing the city to evacuate its citizens leaving Gotham a Playground for the Cops and the rampaging criminals.

I loved this game because of one: You are Batman, and you have one night to save Gotham and rid it of all criminals ranging from High Cases like Scarecrow, Penguin, Two-Face, Deathstroke, The Riddler and a new Player: Arkham Knight to low cases like Firefly, Man-Bat, Goons, Harley Quinn (Who wants to avenge Joker’s Death), Professor Pyg and some corrupt officers.

Batman is given a smooth, complex gameplay fighting mechanics that is so beautiful as a Player and spectator too. The different combos that one utilizes makes Batman fearless and almost unbeaten if you know what you are doing and when. He also has an arsenal of gadgets to help him in his Detective notions, as well as when fighting. His armored suit adds protection, being bulletproof though can be upgraded furthermore in the game.

A great addition to this specific series that was not in the other series, is the Batmobile, which you can now get in and roar through Gotham scaring the criminals back to their cells. It is an Improved Tank that can catch great speeds and run through buildings like butter making it a force to reckon with. Armed to the teeth to help in assault encounters to defend itself.


  1. God of War 3

The third installment of the God of War franchise was the ultimate of its existence. Having left off climbing the Mount Olympus in God of War 2, we follow Kratos as he fends to end the gods of Olympus once and for all with the help of the Titans like the Titan Gaya. Armed with his Blades of Chaos on his back and The Blade of Olympus in hand, he sets his eyes on top of the mountain only to be met by the force of the different gods, like Poseidon, Hades, Hermes and Zeus with other loyal Olympus characters. If you are into brutality to its fullest, this is the game for you, Kratos’s anger fuels his rage even more making him a force that you don’t want to meet, due to the fact he has his eyes set on destroying everything standing in his way. The story revolves around the Greek Mythology, so don’t be surprised to meet famous mythology characters like Hercules.

Kratos’s journey meets an early betrayal from the Titans who have their own agenda in ending the war, thus he ends up with no allies, just more targets to clear to get his ultimate goal. He then has to rise again with the aid of Athena’s Spirit, who grants him a new weapon to use in his fight, alongside the various magical abilities he has that come in handy when out-numbered at certain points. The gameplay sticks to its classic third-person mechanics that gives the view of different enemies that are bound to attack from any direction.

The epic fighting combos, memorable executions, time sensitive button bashing moments, head-scratching puzzles will leave you wanting more as you help Kratos end his long torment of killing his family in service of the gods.


  1. Forza Horizon 6

When you think of racing games, what are some of the things you want it to have? Perfect Gameplay feel? The real Driving Simulator experience? Gorgeous looking Cars? Enjoyable tracks? Open-World? Well. Forza Horizon has all this and more. Released as an Xbox Exclusive, this driving simulator leaves other driving games in the dust. It is an open world Driving simulator providing different terrains to test your driving skills, it being in the forest, beach, Australian outback, clear Highway through towns, you get to feel it all.

The cars too do not disappoint, off-roads or on-road, the different types according to your taste will keep you trying out the different tracks. If you want to make the racing more interesting, how about you race a military chopper, Jets or Hot Air Balloons? Yes, you can.

Attend events or even create your own events which other players can join online without any Loading screen, or challenge your friend’s best time and gain the bragging rights and challenge them to beat your best lap time.


  1. Outlast

When it comes to Horror games, I have to say this was one of those heart-stopping games. Outlast follows a reporter that has been called to a Mental facility where there have been reports of unspoken events occurring. You take the helm as a reporter, no fighting experience, notebook and camera in hand walking into a bloodied mental hospital that has a crime scene at every corner. The many jump-scare moments will have you either falling off your seat, screaming out loud as you quickly hit the pause option.

The game gives you tasks to do In order to progress to the needed objectives to get to the bottom of what really happened in this facility. You are allowed to use your Night-Vision equipped camera to go through dark alleyways but watch the battery meter, for once it runs out you are blind and unable to see upcoming dangers. In case of being attacked you are given different choices to survive: Run as fast as you can be able to control without breaking your controller, or Hide in the different hiding spots- Under a bed or in a closet, but, if whatever was chasing you sees where you have hidden, I am sorry.

Outlast remains the only game I have failed to finish just because it kept getting the scares off of me real good, so if you are looking to have a couple of jump scares that make breathing slightly hard, this is the game for you.

Do you agree this are the best video games in 2017? 

We hope to see in the future video games originating from Africa make it to the top 5 and ADMI is driving this agenda by offering a game design course that is industry driven which will see african content selling at the global stage.

Want to be part of this revolution?


Think you are cut out for this? how would you describe yourself? Designer or programmer?

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