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What does a software engineer do?

David Mabiria is a serial entrepreneur. He’s the founder of Strategic Technologies, co-founder of Magazine Reel & Magunga Bookstore, which all happened because of his main hustle: being a software engineer. It might sound like a fancy term, which is why we got up close and candid with him to find out: what exactly does a software engineer do?
DM: Makes software.

A: Ha!

DM: A software engineer makes applications and systems, computing software for different devices, e.g vehicles, mobile phones, machines in industries/factories, banking systems, hospital systems, real estate…in short, for multiple facets of life.

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A: What is some of the software you have developed?

DM: I develop mostly for customized clients’ systems; I’ve done an online real estate selling platform, an inventory and POS system, a personal taxing system – the first of which I did in high school – and eCommerce systems, such as the one I did for Magunga Bookstore.

A: High school? How did you start in high school?

DM: It was part of the course for a subject called Computer Studies in Form 3. What influenced me most was one of our teacher then, Mr. Moses Kiptarus. He would show me and a few other guys in class systems he’d made for actual clients. One specific one he did was for a local bank. He was even featured in a newspaper article for it. This motivated me to take this path. I then did a Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Science.

A: Is it something you enjoy doing, or something that speaks to your strengths?

DM: I enjoy it. It gives me flexibility in the kind of life I want. That’s easy to start a business with, it’s a technical skill that can be used in any discipline, and I can work from anywhere with little to no supervision.

A: Are you going to school to further your skills even more? What else do you want to delve into?

DM: I have a plan of doing a Masters in Software Engineering before two years elapse. Also, I do a number of online self teaching courses on new software development skills.

A: Why do you think you need a Masters?

DM: Apart from being a serial entrepreneur in a number of businesses with ICT components to them, I want to learn how to fly choppers & planes. This was my initial plan after high school, but you know God’s ways are different from ours & I moved as God directed me at the time. When I was growing up, I had said to myseld that I must at least attain a Masters degree (I even see myself pursuing a PhD, hehe), so it’s a goal I want to achieve. But on top of that, I want to add knowledge that will help grow my current & future ventures, & just not a paper achievement!

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