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What do digital marketers do?

What you need to know about being a digital marketer.

Lucy Wamuyu is a professional digital marketer who works for Belva Digital in Nairobi. She shared some tips with us about how to make business and branding look good online.

1.What do you actually do?

A digital marketer uses the tools provided by the internet to advertise a business or cause.

2. Where do you learn to do it?

You can be self-taught or undergo a course of varying lengths covering varying topics.

3. What separates digital marketing from run of the mill marketing, or is it just a small part of something bigger under the same umbrella?

Digital marketing or internet marketing offers real time statistics of your advertising campaign. It makes returns easily quantifiable compared to most forms of traditional marketing. This results in a higher ROI (Return On Investment) as your ads are much better targeted and have a higher chance of success. It is still marketing under the general umbrella, but for the new age.

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4. What do you love about your job?

The ability to see quantifiable results of your efforts. Also the fact you get to learn and perfect along the away, digital allows that.

– and what do you hate about it?

Explaining what digital marketing can and cannot do. i.e. We can get you traffic/installs/calls/views/likes/retweets and so on but it will not necessarily lead to sales. I also hate how people/clients don’t understand what we do. It’s more than Facebook people! So much more!

How long have you been doing it?

Collectively, 3 years.

How did you know you wanted to be in this line of business?

I didn’t, what happened was I was quite active on Twitter. A friend had just gotten a job he wasn’t sure he could handle it, and talked to me about it. Well I love challenges, I took it up and aced it. That’s how I found myself in it, learnt on the go and it is now paying my bills. Also, the Internet – I learnt and keep learning a lot from the Internet.

6. What are the things that you think are important for a digital marketer to know?

Number one, your brand. Your Target market and emerging trends for social, digital ads, websites – basically be constantly up to date with things that will excite and engage your audience.

Patience is also important to execute a brilliant strategy. i.e. Mistakes will be made so learn from them.

7. What do you do when you send out the wrong tweet under the wrong Twitter account?

DELETE IT! Hope no one saw it. If someone did, assess damage and control it. Otherwise, Rest In Peace. Just kidding! There is always a way to salvage a situation, you just have to be smart about it.

8. What do you think is the best way to digitally deal with a professional digital crisis?

I advise clients to have a crisis management system beforehand where you simulate different crisis situations and responses especially for clients who have sensitive brands, e.g banks. When a crisis does occur without having that in place, it’s best to have all information as quick as possible and manage it quickly because the internet is unforgiving and information spreads like bushfire. If you as a brand can’t handle this internally, hire a professional agency like Belva Digital. They’ll always know what to do!

Are you online a lot? Does the world of internet fascinate you? Do you think you can make anything look good, and are your photography skills on point? How about being a digital marketer?

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