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Women In Digital: Digital Disruption in Media

“You need to get relevant in places you consume content.” Terryanne Chebet.

Isn’t it beautiful when there’s a meeting of the minds and people get to sit and share ideas? Well, such was the gathering at Nailab during the event organized by Women In Digital with speakers taking on the topic “Digital Disruption in The Media Industry”. Here are a few thoughts that were shared during the event:

“Explore the trends and opportunities in media and celebrating the women. Empower each other. We in the media have to innovate and improve on existing business models. Be it on the digital desk or innovation center, media houses must have a chief information officer. Content is now dependent on the audience. Audiences are demanding different things since they have variety and choice. If YouTube vloggers/bloggers are anything to go by, news has gotten personal because we are all content providers. Trust needs to be built and data has given power to media houses.” Terryanne Chebet.

“On a broader scale, pay TV is worried about Netflix and Hulu ad the other online streaming platforms. Personalize your brand. Majority of your audience remember your brand. Be intentional in what you share.” Carole Kimutai.

“Citizen journalism satisfies news instantly and people with agendas can post anything they want. How can advertisers reach out if your social content is dodgy? Everyone wants well-thought-out content. We always look to legacy media to verify content we consume.” Wayua Muli.

It is important to note that there has been an influx of career women for years now. This is because women are starting to demand for better for themselves in all aspects of their lives and prioritizing their careers. Is this a good thing? It is a great thing, as far as we are concerned.

For more images on the event, click here.

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