ADMI is a leading creative media and technology training institution, offering practical courses in Film & TV Production, Journalism & Multimedia, Mobile App & Game Development, Music Production, Sound Engineering, Animation & Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia and Digital Marketing.

Our programmes combine high-spec technical training in creative media and technology with intensive digital and soft-skills coaching, along with a rigorous apprenticeship process,

[cl-review quote=”I took this specific course to enhance my skill-set. I was already pretty versed in things that required me to ideate. For me, it is about learning the technical components of this craft. The software units are my favourite simply because they are the most challenging and I can see my progress.” author=”Wangu Mwendwa” occupation=”Mobile App & Game Development Student – ADMI” avatar_image=”18562″ type=”quote” layout=”framed” quote_size=”14px” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”The industry is small but it’s growing. Our greatest resource is our people. We have young people who want to learn and grow and we have many past, present and future stories that need to be told. What we now need to do is to create these platforms to make this happen.” author=”Kwame Nyong’o” occupation=”Illustrator, visual artist, animator, Director at Apes in Space” avatar_image=”18561″ type=”quote” layout=”framed” quote_size=”14px” italic=”1″]

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