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Student Support

Academic Support Program

The Academic Support Program is designed to provide our students with additional support to supplement the information that they gain in the classroom. Should our students need help with their projects or understanding a concept in their course, our Student Success Advisors are available to help. These are ADMI alumni who excelled in their courses and now provide full-time assistance that students may need to get them to the finish line!

Medical Care

We know that our students can only achieve their fullest potential when they are in the best physical health. For this reason, our students are covered by AAR Insurance for emergencies and accidents on campus, in the field while carrying out class projects, and for students on industry attachment. 

Free Vision Test

This initiative gives our students an opportunity to have their sight examined by professionals free of charge and those found to have impairments are given eyeglasses at a discounted price.

Mental Health Initiative

At ADMI we understand that growing up comes with its share of stress and demands, especially when you are a young creative exploring your talent. To ensure our students have the psychosocial support that they need, we invested in an on-campus counsellor with whom students can book a session. We also have a termly Mental Health Day in which we invite psychologists to speak to our students and remind them that it’s okay not to be okay.