How Animators Can Speed Up Production Using DeepMotion

How DeepMotion and Unreal Engine Are Revolutionizing Photorealistic Animation 

Photorealistic 3D animation has long been an art form defined by immense technical complexity, requiring thousands of hours of labor to achieve cinematic-quality results. However, recent advances in artificial intelligence and real-time 3D rendering are fundamentally transforming the animation process. By combining the power of AI animation software like DeepMotion with a state-of-the-art real-time 3D creation platform like Unreal Engine, animators now have access to tools that were once only available to major film studios. They can achieve stunning photorealistic animations in just a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the resources.  This article explores how animators can leverage the combined capabilities of DeepMotion and Unreal Engine to produce cinematic-quality animations with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and creative control. These technologies are revolutionizing animation from an endeavor of massive scale and cost into an accessible, dynamic, and rewarding medium for creative expression. 

Automate repetitive animation tasks with DeepMotion 

DeepMotion harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically generate natural-looking animations for repetitive and mundane tasks like walking, running, jumping, blinking, lip syncing, and more. Animators simply provide the AI with a few examples of the motion they want to recreate, and DeepMotion can then apply that motion to any character.  This allows animators to avoid the tedium and technical complexity of manually animating each frame of repetitive movements. Instead, they can focus on the overall creative direction, character performance, and nuance. The time savings are enormous, as AI handles the bulk of the work that once required thousands of hours of manual animation and technical effort. 

Create massive libraries of realistic motion variations with DeepMotion 

DeepMotion can produce a huge range of realistic variations for any motion. For example, after training the AI on walking motions, DeepMotion can automatically generate entirely different walking styles like walking casually, walking angrily, walking tiredly, walking confidently, and many more. This adds a high degree of dynamism, realism, personality, and emotional range to characters without requiring animators to manually animate each possible variation.  DeepMotion’s ability to generate vast motion libraries enables animators to quickly create nuanced performances tailored to their creative needs. They have a wide range of styles instantly at their disposal to craft distinct characters and direct realistic, emotionally compelling scenes. The AI handles the technical work of crafting each motion variation, leaving animators free to focus on the art of animation. 

Render photorealistic animations in real time with Unreal Engine 

Unreal Engine is a cutting-edge real-time 3D creation tool that enables animators to render animations with stunning photorealism. Using state-of-the-art real-time rendering, lighting, physics, and material technologies, animators can achieve visuals that were once only possible through time-intensive offline rendering. Unreal Engine’s real-time capabilities provide instant visual feedback, allowing for rapid iteration and a far more dynamic, creative process.  Unreal Engine offers animators an unprecedented ability to craft photorealistic animations with speed, control, and efficiency. They can see the results of their work as quickly as they can imagine it and fluidly refine and build upon their creations in a feedback loop of constant experimentation and improvement. This real-time power, combined with the automation and massive asset libraries enabled by DeepMotion, gives animators a degree of creative freedom and technical capability that was never before possible. 


By combining DeepMotion’s AI animation capabilities with Unreal Engine’s real-time 3D rendering power, animators now have access to tools that were once only available to major film studios with massive resources. DeepMotion can handle the repetitive technical work of animation and generate vast motion libraries, freeing animators to focus on the creative challenges of crafting emotional characters and compelling scenes. Unreal Engine then enables animators to instantly render the results with photorealistic quality.  This powerful combination is revolutionizing animation from an endeavor requiring immense scale, cost, and labor into an accessible, dynamic, and creatively rewarding medium. Animators have unprecedented control and capability to achieve their artistic visions with speed, efficiency, and visual fidelity like never before. These technologies are transforming animation itself and opening the door for a new generation of animated stories, experiences, and creative expression.  Learn how to get started in a career in animation here 
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