1. Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Have a passion?

At the Africa Digital Media Institute, we work to give Africa’s creatives the training, mentorship and platform they need to turn their passion into a profession. We believe that talent is not enough. So, in addition to practical training, and immersion in the industry, we invest heavily in your soft skills. This way, we make sure you are ready to join the industry with the right combination of skills to make you not just professionally confident, but also more marketable to your future employers.

ADMI is global

By joining the ADMI community, you enjoy an exceptional international education benchmarking operations and pedagogy against global standards. To ensure that your skills are globally marketable, we develop our curriculum in partnership with global industry partners and faculty recruited from leading international academic institutions. And best of all, you will learn alongside a diverse community that has hosted staff, faculty and students from over 27 different countries. 

ADMI is practical

At the heart of our education is our innovative Learn-and-Work model. We ensure that our faculty are industry practitioners, not academics, so that you as a student keep up to date on the latest practices and networks. You also get access to high-end equipment, software and facilities just as you would in the workplace. And we work closely with employer partners to ensure that you get early industry exposure to start building your professional portfolio from day 1. 

ADMI is digital

ADMI aspires to be a paperless campus with the latest e-learning tools and state-of-the-art computer labs at a 1:1 computer-to-student ratio. As a student, you can access financing from our partners to get industry-standard equipment through our Creative Toolbox Program. Our core faculty are all certified in online instruction, enabling them to deliver distance learning to the highest standards.  

ADMI is value-driven

ADMI is committed to a progressive and positive school atmosphere where our students and staff can thrive. We strictly enforce ethical behavior on campus and apply global professional standards in all our interactions. To ensure that students receive personalized attention, we offer strong psycho-social support, including academic support as well as progressive guidance counseling.

ADMI is transformational

Want to see your child change before your eyes, from disengaged student to passionate professional? ADMI is a selective and intimate school with a low teacher-to-student ratio allowing us to closely monitor individual student progress. This way, we strive to ensure that ADMI is a “defining experience” for each student, teacher and employee.