Fun and Games

At ADMI we believe in immersing our students in a wholesome and engaging experience by incorporating fun activities in your learning process. With activities such as Sisimka, Glitch, Diwali, Mental Health Day, Football club, etc, we provide our students with avenues for them to display and nurture their creativity.


We sought to identify and award outstanding students at ADMI. Nominated by their peers, the ADMI OGs stand out for their talent, eccentricity, skills, personality, disposition and other qualities.

Daniel Bwire

Extra Mile Award

Cynthia Kibe

Influencer Award

Ben Muturi

MVP Award

Barnaby Xsaviour

Drip Award

Emmi Juma

Risk Taker Award

Felix Owaga

People's Champion Award

Leon Tyes

Problem Solving Award

Fauziah Achieng'

Heart of Gold Award

Ritchy Mistri

Rising Star Award

Rodgers Rodriguez Gichuhi

Low Key Award

Hope Kathomi

Best Attendance Award

Skeet Fletcher

Above & Beyond Award

Precious Ucheoma

Storyteller Award

Rael Gibendi

Drip Award

Stacy Wanjiku

Goal Crusher Award

Cultural Week

Valentines Day

Fusion Exhibition