Navigating Your Path: What to Do After High School in Kenya for a Successful Future

Embarking on the journey beyond high school is a pivotal moment in every student’s life. The choices made during this transitional period can significantly shape one’s future. If you find yourself standing at the crossroads, wondering what to do after high school in Kenya, this comprehensive guide is here to provide insights and guidance on making informed decisions. 

How Do I Decide What to Do After High School? 

Choosing a path after high school can be both exciting and overwhelming. The key is to embark on a self-discovery journey to understand your interests, strengths, and aspirations. Here are some practical steps to guide you: 


Before making any decisions, take stock of your interests, values, and skills. What subjects did you enjoy in high school? What activities or hobbies ignite your passion? Identifying these aspects will help you align your choices with your personal preferences. 

Research Career Options 

Explore various career paths and industries. Consider talking to professionals in different fields, attending career fairs, and researching online. ADMI offers a diverse range of courses, providing insights into exciting fields such as film and TV production, digital marketing, graphic design, and more. 

Explore ADMI Courses 

Further Education vs. Vocational Training 

Determine whether you prefer pursuing a degree at a university or gaining practical skills through vocational training. Both options offer unique advantages, and your choice should align with your career goals. 

What Happens in Life After High School? 

Life after high school is a transformative period marked by new experiences and opportunities. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect: 

Higher Education 

Many students choose to pursue higher education at universities or vocational institutions. ADMI, for example, provides a platform for students to dive into creative industries, gaining practical skills that prepare them for the professional world. 

Workforce Entry 

Some individuals opt to enter the workforce directly, gaining valuable work experience and learning on the job. ADMI’s courses are designed to equip students with real-world skills, enhancing their employability. 


High school graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit may choose to start their own ventures. ADMI’s courses in digital marketing, graphic design, and more can provide the skills needed to succeed in the competitive business landscape. 

How Do I Find My Passion in High School? 

Discovering your passion is a continuous process that often starts during high school. Here’s how to navigate this journey. 

Explore Extracurricular Activities 

Engage in extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, or creative endeavors. These experiences can unveil hidden talents and passions that may guide your career choices. 

Internships and Shadowing 

Take advantage of internships or shadowing opportunities to gain insights into different professions. ADMI’s courses include practical projects and internships, providing hands-on experiences in creative industries. 


Connect with professionals in various fields through networking events. ADMI’s industry connections can facilitate networking opportunities, allowing you to learn from professionals in film, TV production, digital marketing, and more. 

In conclusion, the period after high school is an exciting chapter filled with possibilities. By reflecting on your interests, researching career options, and exploring your passions, you can make informed decisions that set you on the path to a fulfilling and successful future. 

Discover Your Path at ADMI 

Remember, the journey may have twists and turns, but each step forward is a valuable lesson and a building block for your personal and professional growth. Embrace the opportunities ahead, and let your journey after high school be a meaningful and enriching experience. 

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