Distance Learning

Unlock your creativity anywhere, anytime with ADMI Online

At ADMI Online, our Blended Learning program, you can get started on turning your passion to your profession, on your own terms! You get a chance to take your theory classes both on campus and on ADMI Online. You can also conduct your practicals safely on campus because we have taken great steps to keep school germ free.

Our learn and work model is designed to make sure that you are always creating so you graduate with a strong portfolio and professional confidence. And whether on-campus or online, we ensure that every touchpoint provides you an experience that is global, practical, digital, value-based and transformational.

The online courses are designed to be just like face-to-face ones, but better. You use a variety of multimedia learning aids – videos, audio-visual clips, webinars and case studies – while also testing your growing skills with hands-on practical assignments. You see all your faculty and classmates in class where you can raise your hand to ask a question or if feeling a little shy, write it directly in the comments section for the teacher to answer.

From weekly practical submissions to real-time assessments, your final grade is made up of a variety of diverse, immersive interactions that inspire and challenge you. But remember, if you miss a class or an explanation, you can review the session later in your own time. As long as you complete your work by the deadline, when and how you choose to complete it, is up to you! And if you need extra support, you have several options. You can reach out to your class study group, your Student Success Advisor or your teacher.

Learn at your own pace

ADMI’s online programs are designed for focused students who value an intense but flexible learning experience. Courses are designed in a modular fashion so that you can enjoy the benefits of a classroom community and supportive teachers, but also catch up if you miss a course or need to study after hours.

Graphic Design Certificate

Practice, practice, practice

Mastery requires practice. Practicals are designed to grow your skillset and prepare you for life after campus. All your practicals will be held on campus and equipment will be sanitized before and after use. We’re enforcing strict Covid-19 guidelines, from hand sanitizing stations to gentle reminders on our walls, we’re committed to keeping you safe throughout your time with us.

Blended Learning
ADMI Student portfolio

Build your portfolio

Just because you’re learning online doesn’t mean that you don’t get a practical experience. Our custom-made Learning Management System allows you to co-create with your teachers and classmates in real time, and allows you to participate in competitions, assessments and study groups, all online.

Enjoy your community

Online students enjoy all the benefits of our learn and work model. Our Placement team will link you to the best internship and gig opportunities and our Student Affairs office will ensure you access all the academic and emotional support you need alongside a wide range of student clubs, Fun Days and community service opportunities.


Get your gear

Through our Creative Toolbox program, you can get special financing for your laptop, discounted software, and media equipment through ADMI’s vendor partners. You also get a free data package whenever you access school websites. This means you can get and stay online as long as it takes to learn and create amazing work!

You have a choice of four different kits depending on your course. Please get in touch with our student affairs team who can guide you accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform do you use?

ADMI has a customized, proprietary learning management system program designed to combine all the benefits of on-campus and online learning. Our platform offers best-in-class features such as in-class webinars, student satisfaction surveys, calendar integration and more.

Is the timetable any different?

No; the timetable is the same as it would be if you were learning on campus. However, online learning offers more flexibility. Students are allowed to take specific units rather than a full course load, for example, for a highly modular experience. And of course, you have more flexibility in reviewing class content later.

How can you offer a practical education online?

There are two types of classes at ADMI – those that are fully online and those that are hybrid. Whichever you choose, you can expect a fully practical education. This is because all classes at ADMI have an experienced industry practitioner guiding you as you do your best work. Most classes, including sound production, animation and graphic design, allow you to exchange ideas with your mentors and classmates even when you are working remotely. However, a few classes, namely photography and film and TV, integrate intensive practical projects on campus.

What if I don’t have equipment?

We use a lot of online tools that substitute for having your own equipment. But if you still need your own, talk to our Finance Department to see if you qualify for the Creative Toolbox, our special equipment financing program. You may be eligible to get a laptop, software and equipment to get started turning your creativity into a career.

I’m worried about the cost of data, though….

Don’t worry. ADMI’s got you! Our Distance Learning program provides students with free data for all school-related logins, making learning from home super-affordable.

But will my teachers know how to teach online?

ADMI’s faculty are required to undertake at least 3 levels of training on how to teach online. All core faculty have certifications from top teacher training programs, including the University of New South Wales and the University of Leeds.

What about exams?

Exams online are just like exams on campus. You come in at exam time and answer questions online in real time. No paper, no invigilator. Just you sharing your work in real time.

I have a retake, but I start work next month!

Don’t worry! If you need to redo a unit, speak to the Registrar. Distance Learning can help you fill any gaps without having to come back to campus. That way you can stay on track with both your academic and career plans!