Diploma in Mobile App and Game Development

Mode of study: Full time – 5 Terms

Intakes: January, May, September

Campus: Caxton House, CBD Nairobi

Fees: Ksh 138,000 (EA) & Ksh 165,500 (International) per term

The Mobile App and Game Development industry is valued at over US$108.9 billion.

Why Mobile App and Gaming? We believe that most apps and video games will be accessed on mobile hence why we are preparing you to benefit from being able to sell directly to a growing mobile market in the continent and globally.

ADMI’s interdisciplinary Mobile App and Game Development Diploma course teaches you how to approach problems as a developer, a designer, and as an entrepreneur.

Through the Mobile App and Game Development course, you will learn how to code as a full-stack software developer using various programming languages, including Java, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, C++, and C#.

You will graduate with a portfolio of human-centered web, mobile apps, and video games designed for the global market.

You will learn how to make and publish content online using popular platforms like Azure, AWS, Unity and Unreal game engines.

CREDITS: Average of 7 units per term with 24 contact hours each

Mobile App and Game Development Diploma
Mobile App and Game Development
Course In Depth
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Mobile App & Game Development course, students will be able to approach problems from the perspective of a developer (hacker), designer (hipster), and entrepreneur (hustler). This unique perspective will enable them to design web and mobile solutions for the African market.

Developer (Through Hacker)
  • Use computational thinking and apply algorithms to solve everyday tech problems
  • Learn to code as a full-stack developer using various frameworks, APIs and programming languages, including Java, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, C++ and C#
  • Design and create normalized MySQL databases
  • Design and develop well-designed web, mobile and video game applications for the African market and the globe.
  • Learn to navigate multiple rounds of rigorous tech interviews for leading companies like Google,Microsoft and Facebook
Designer (Through Hipster)
  • Solve problems using design thinking and develop products using human-centered design principles
  • Learn graphics and animation fundamentals, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and 3D Modelling
  • Identify UI/UX issues and develop codified solutions to improve a design
Entrepreneur (Through Hustler)
  • Use lean startup methodology, digital marketing, and growth hacking to launch and grow a tech startup.
Programming Units
  1. Fundamentals of Computer Science (Java)
  2. Engineering Toolkit (python, GitHub)
  3. Intro to Android Apps (Java)
  4. Intro to iOS (Swift)
  5. Fundamentals of Web Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  6. Advanced Web Development (React.js)
  7. Fundamentals of Game Design
  8. Game Development (Unity C#)
  9. Fundamentals of Mobile Game Development
Design Units
  1. Design Thinking
  2. Fundamentals of Design
  3. History of Design
  4. Human-Centered Design
  5. UI/UX
  6. Adobe Illustrator
  7. Adobe Photoshop
  8. Character & Environmental Design
  9. 3D Modelling (Maya)
  10. Game Design
Entrepreneurship Units
  1. Lean Startup
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Growth Hacking
  4. Agile Project Management

*Course units are subject to change based on the availability of local and international faculty.


Earn Credentials Recognized By Employers Worldwide

Mobile App & Game Development students gain a competitive edge over their peers by earning global online certifications in cloud computing, data analysis, AI, unity game engines, Adobe certifications and many more.

ADMI instructors prepare students to successfully pass these exams through a curriculum that leverages Adobe Education,Microsoft,Unity learning resources, practice tests, and real-world applications.
]Our campus is fully equipped with three computer labs with Macs and PCs.

In order to ensure that you have access to the best software in the world, ADMI has invested in the following industry standard software:

    • Unity
    • Adobe
    • Vision
    • Autodesk suite
    • CryEngine

A Diploma in Mobile App & Game Development prepares you for various roles and opportunities in the job market. There are numerous employment opportunities in different industries such as entertainment, health, fintech, education, logistics, legal, law enforcement that require the skills of a mobile app and game development practitioner.

As a software developer, you will be required to use computational thinking and apply algorithms to solve everyday tech problems. You will write and clean up the code using various frameworks.

As a designer, you will be required to solve problems using design thinking and develop products using human-centered design principles.

As an entrepreneur, you will use the lean startup methodology, digital marketing, and growth hacking to launch and grow a tech startup. You will also learn how to publish and monetize your work on the global market place.

Get Inspired

Bonnie Ross

Video games developer and Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Studios

As the corporate Vice President at 343 industries, Bonnie Ross is responsible for defining the vision and leading the Halo franchise which has sold over 60 million copies worldwide. Halo is one of the most successful first person shooter video games worldwide and comprises of collections such as The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 guardians. With over 20 years in game development Ross has helped grow the Halo franchise beyond gaming with bestselling books, merchandise and games. Ross has an educational background in physics and computer science.

Duncan Adera

Game designer and programmer

Duncan Adera is an award-winning game designer and programmer. He was the lead developer behind Ma3racer, a mobile racing game that won Best Overall Mobile App and Best Entertainment App at the 2012 Pivot East Competition. From a humble background, Duncan is a graduate of Nairobits and has since worked as a game developer, UI/UX designer, and an HCD researcher for Wunderman, IBM Research Africa, and Dalberg Design for Impact Group (DIG).

How to apply

KCSE C- or above OR A-levels with 2 principle passes.

Computer Knowledge

Basic computer proficiency is required. Attach certificates to your application.


Each course has its own specific requirements. Please enquire from the administration what requirements apply to the course of your choice.

Application Process
Necessary Documents
  1. Photocopy of your ID or Passport
  2. A copy of your KCSE Certificate or Results Slip
  3. 2 Passport Photos
  4. Bank Slip
Application Forms

Download or fill the application form online here

Application Fees

A non-refundable application fee of KES 2,000 will be paid. Payments can be made via MPESA or Bank.

Dennis Mbuthi - ADMI Faculty graphic design

Dennis Mbuthia

Game Designer and Animator

Dennis Mbuthia is a game designer and animator. He has 8 years industry experience and has worked on over 10 motion graphic campaigns, 4 animations (2D) short films and 1 board game. Dennis has handled various positions from a 2D animator, motion grapher and game designer. He is the current Treasurer of Association of Animation Artistes Kenya, 1 st Runner-up in an AR/VR Competition and one of 3 finalists at the Chezo Gaming Hackathon. Dennis has a passion for animation projects and games that bring innate joy and learning to the everyday lives of his customers and clients. He has been a teacher at ADMI since 2015 and at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) since 2014. He hopes to inspire the artists in his class to be the best they can be and impact the world with their individual skill set. Dennis is a graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University and has a BSc. in Mechatronic Engineering and an Animation and Digital Design Certificate holder from Homeboyz Animation School. He seats in the OSCAR selection Committee Kenya since 2017 representing the Kenyan animation industry and volunteers at Destiny Chapel as an Animator and Graphic Designer. Learning and teaching are his key passions and is willing to share his knowledge and expertise to all who will listen.