Vincent Mutiso: A Freelance Location Sound Recordist

Vincent Mutiso is a freelance Location Sound Recordist based in Nairobi Kenya and a student at Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) taking a Diploma in Film and Television Production. We sat down with him to learn more about the sound department and his involvement in Zamaradi Productions’s Dream Child.

ADMI: Tell us about your debut. What was the first project that you worked on? How was it?VM: My first project ever, was a TV Series called Pray and Prey onTV. I was a sound assistant and I got the opportunity to test out what I had learnt in class.

ADMI: What would you say is the most important role of a sound operator?

VM: The most important role is recording sound on set as per the script when shooting while using professional audio equipment.

ADMI: What makes or breaks a film?

VM: Sound is as important as the picture, it builds the tension, sets the mood, and of course, it lets you know what’s going on in the film. Good sound makes scenes in films very “lifelike”.

ADMI: What are some of the shows that you have worked on?

VM: I have worked on numerous projects, including Poison Lily and Thorny Black, which were screened during the Machawood Fest in 2015. They are both available on YouTube. I have also worked on the TV commercial, Betika. A couple of TV series; Pray and Prey, Pendo, New Beginnings and I am currently working on a series called Chini ya Mnazi on KTN. In addition to this, I was involved in the upcoming feature film, Dream Child.

ADMI: 2018 seems like a good year for the Kenyan film industry, from Supa Modo to Rafiki to Disconnect, Atieno and now the upcoming Dream Child. What more are you looking forward to seeing on our screens?

VM: I am looking forward to seeing more movies being shot and released in theatres and airing on our local TV stations. So I’d say let’s keep supporting our Kenyan film industry by watching what we produce and release. That is how we can grow the industry.

Vinnie on SetVincent Mutiso on the set of a school project

ADMI: Tell us a bit more about Dream Child. What process did you follow when doing sound? How many days did you film?

VM: We shot the film in 21 days and I was a sound assistant alongside Kamicha Kamau, one of the best Sound Mixers in the film industry. Dream Child is the first feature film that I have been part of. The team was amazing and very professional. I gained a lot of exposure and experience. Other than just pressing the record button and recording the dialogue, I learned that there is a lot more to do and consider when you’re a sound mixer. i.e mixing sound on set, knowing when to record wild tracks, ambience, room tones and foleys. In addition to this, I learned a lot and improved my booming skills. All in all, it was an amazing experience working with the crew at Zamaradi Productions.

ADMI: When inspiration is waning, when you feel creatively sapped, what do you do? How do you stay fresh?  

VM: Hehe…Spending time in my own head is important.

ADMI: Why did you join ADMI? What has been the most outstanding things from your stay at ADMI?

VM:  My desire was always to work in freelance in the sound department. My brother in law who’s in the film industry advised me to join ADMI. He said that it was the best training ground and here I am a living proof that all can be achieved at ADMI. This was quite vital for my freelance career.

ADMI: What is the big dream for Vincent?   

VM: To be the best freelance sound mixer and sound designer in our film industry and set up a sound design studio to train others to be best sound guys.

ADMI: What is your parting shot?

VM:  Watch out for Dream Child and never be afraid of failure, success is at the corner.

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