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ADMI Celebrates Parent’s Appreciation Day: Fostering Relationships & Promoting Digital Media Education

On June 10, 2023, ADMI was thrilled to host our second Parent’s Appreciation Day on our lively campus. As a termly tradition, we organize this event to honor the immense contributions parents make to our students’ lives. This day provides an opportunity to express gratitude, cultivate stronger parent-university relationships, and establish a supportive, collaborative environment. This approach allows us to ensure open lines of communication and mutual understanding with our students’ parents. 

During the event, we kept parents abreast of community happenings, introduced them to our new curriculums, and gave them a glimpse of the latest developments around our campus. 

A highlight of this edition was a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring Vladimir Hernandez, the respected Africa Bureau Editor at BBC. He shared invaluable insights on “The Shift from Legacy to Digital Media; New Options and Opportunities.” 

Hernandez remarked, “The media landscape has seen massive transformation over the past decade. The shift to digital media has not only made global information more accessible but has also birthed a plethora of career opportunities – a primary reason ADMI exists.” 

He added, “Today’s creatives are harnessing this digital shift to produce content visible worldwide. At ADMI, we equip students with skills in creative media and technology, enabling them to not just cater to traditional media but also expose them to a global market, and even become entrepreneurs.” 

After the enlightening discussion, parents enjoyed interactive sessions with faculty and staff and embarked on a tour of our ever-evolving campus. 

Two parents, Catherine Karanja and Dewy Ronald graciously shared their experiences with ADMI: Catherine Karanja said, “My son’s name is Elvis Karanja, and he is pursuing a Diploma in Sound Engineering following a recommendation by one of his friends. I am delighted to witness my son’s growth, as he is now making money as a beat maker, going for sound gigs, and also interacting with Sauti Sol. I appreciate ADMI for constantly involving parents in the students’ progress and organizing such engaging events.” 

Echoing the sentiment, Dewy Ronald shared, “My son told me he wanted to study Music Production at ADMI. I didn’t know about ADMI before, and I could have easily opposed it. However, I would advise parents to let their children follow their passions. Creatives need specialized attention, and it’s crucial they have their parents’ support.” 

ADMI remains committed to developing 1 million creative technology professionals capable of producing world-class content for profit and impact. We value the partnership of parents in this journey and extend our heartfelt gratitude to all faculty and staff for making the event successful. ADMI’s dedication to celebrating and involving parents in our academic journey continues to thrive through events like our Parent’s Appreciation Day. 

Stay tuned to our website and social media platforms for more updates on our upcoming events and the remarkable achievements of our students. 

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