ADMI Launches AcceleratED, Targets Freelancers, Professionals With Most In-Demand Digital Skills Training Program




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NAIROBI…Africa Digital Media Institute has launched an accelerator programme to train freelancers and professionals the most in-demand skills in today’s job market. The digital skilling accelerator, dubbed AcceleratED is geared at accelerating career growth for new-age workers and to help them thrive in a digital-first workplace.

ADMI said it is targeting trainees aged between 24-50 years with this comprehensive programme that will also inculcate a Digital DNA in them.

“These are people who are looking to stay current and competitive in a rapidly changing, technology-driven work environment. They come from a variety of industries and job roles, but they likely share a desire to upskill and stay ahead of the curve in terms of digital proficiency and future-proofing their careers,” said ADMI Director Dr. Laila Macharia.

The accelerator programme seeks to equip managers, executives and individual contributors looking to transition into new roles or advance in their current positions with skills in UX & Design Thinking, Graphic Design, Content Marketing and Content Creation, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Data Analysis and Professional Polish

As part of its curricular, the institute also organizes forums, workshops and events that will help in sharing a ton of free and useful resources on email, website and social media.

Technological innovation and automation have severely altered the employment landscape sparking a demand for skilled talent that is now on the rise in Kenya and world over.

The World Economic Forum has projected that almost 54% of all employees would require reskilling and upskilling to cope with the changing work requirements.

“This means that the future of work is changing – fast. It’s time to get ahead of the curve or risk redundancy,” Dr. Macharia added.

Major disruptions are beginning to take place in industries such as marketing, advertising, design, software development, and e-commerce that will in the near future experience rapid progress and evolution. Therefore, infusion of talent with up-to-date digital skills will reshape traditional business models, enhance customer experiences, and drive the adoption of emerging technologies.

“AcceleratED is set to revolutionize professional development in the next 3-5 years. As technology transforms the employment landscape, our accelerator will drive significant career advancements, foster economic growth, and contribute to the technological transformation of industries,” she said.


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