Chatting With Meshack Bebeto a Graphic Design Alumni

Through ADMI’s Placement office, Meshack Bebeto, a Diploma in Graphic Design student was placed at TUKO Media. His 3-month internship resulted in a full-time job.

ADMI caught up with him to learn more about his journey.

ADMI: Did you always want to be a graphic designer?
MB: I always felt that I needed to indulge my creative side and graphic design was the perfect avenue for expressing my creativity without holding back. The urge to create thought-provoking art and to impact society positively through his work is what drove him to Graphic Design.

ADMI: What did you work on during your internship?
MB: I worked on different projects. I designed client banners and proposals for clients. I made design corrections to the company’s profile. I designed business cards and press IDs for the video and editorial team.

Cert in Graphic Design

ADMI: What are three things you learned during your internship?
MB: Perseverance, the importance of interpersonal relationships and dealing with client demands.

ADMI: How did ADMI prepare you for your internship?
MB: The Career Launchpad programme was invaluable in preparing me for the job market. We learned about workplace relationships, punctuality, communication and more. These lessons came in handy during the daily interactions with my colleagues and in working on my tasks.

ADMI: What did you do that got you hired into a full-time position?
MB: I was always early to work, and I completed all my tasks I on time. I developed a good rapport with the sales team, as such I attended sales meetings and created client proposals.

ADMI: What are you currently working on?
MB: I am learning more about the publishing arm of TUKO Media with the view to be a publisher here in the future.

ADMI’s Placement Office is responsible for placing all Diploma students with employer partners. These students are interviewed and hand-picked by employers for the three-month full-time internship.

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