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What’s your story:

I’m a portrait photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve been doing photography for nearly two years now (2018-2020). I have participated in photography competitions as well as be a part of some big projects too. In 2019, during the 35Awards annual photography awards, I got the “top 15% best photo award” and “top 30% best photographer” category award. I was chosen to work for ‘For The Culture’ event which was an event featuring some big artists. I have also worked with NTV on the ‘Lit 360’ programme with an artist named ‘She Flow’. I am currently looking to do more fashion and event photography so any opportunities to do so will be much appreciated. I am also looking to collaborate with make-up artists, fashion stylists, event organizers and corporates; commercially or noncommercially.

What do you do


What Inspires you

Knowing that there’s a lot of people supporting me, what I’ve achieved so far as well as seeing what others have accomplished inspires me to go on because I too know I can do the same.

What are your career aspirations

To be able to do photography for a living as well as travel and see the world through my lens. Be it in fashion or events.

How has ADMI prepared you

I’ve been able to learn skills through actual professionals in the field, do work on the ground as well as get advice from these experienced individuals.

What do you remember most about ADMI

The quality of learning & equipment that was available. We never learned anything that we weren’t able to do practically.

Any advice for current students

To always chase your dreams in whatever field you work at and anything is possible with a willing heart.

Portfolio/work samples

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