What’s your story:

I had a passion for music and after discovering ADMI I started immediately, pursuing a course in Sound Engineering. As the first class in sound and music at the time (O.G), things were hard as is the case for all first borns but it expanded my vision into what else was out there. After graduation, I worked at Ketebul studios, which helped me progress my production skills as I was fortunate enough to meet the great Ohangla artist, Makadem. From here I got an opportunity to work at Silk Event, in Uganda. During my short period there, I got to work with some great international engineers who travel with their artists. Some events I was part of were One Love reggae concert which was headlined by Tarrus Riley, The Royal Ascot Goat Races which featured Local Ugandan artists, and Blankets and Wine Uganda, headlined by Destruction Boyz. After having a taste of the Ugandan entertainment scene, I came back home and got the opportunity to work with Homeboyz Entertainment who are my current employers. Working here has taught me more than I thought I could have imagined. Working here taught me that my field requires more than just passion but also hard work, determination, resilience, patience and a can-do attitude. We would be doing a reggae concert, from an Indian wedding the previous week, to setting up a UN conference the following week and planning for a marathon in the coming weeks. Yes, it has its challenges and they come in fast and hard every week, but its how you deal with them that shows who you really are as a person. Our goal is to ensure every event runs as smooth as possible. Aside from that, I have also produced two albums for one of Nairobi’s leading poets, Ivan Irakoze. Both Real and Us were albums that were met with a lot of love by fans. I produced mixed and mastered every song on the albums and some other projects we worked on together. This was all done through my small studio set up as I slowly grow before moving into my own studio, currently in the works. I was introduced to Ivan by Nicole Agneta who I was a fan of and later on after a few conversations, became good friends and ended up working on couple of projects together. She is a Sondeka Award winner amongst many other awards and its always a pleasure working with her as we create pieces that resonate on personal and spiritual levels. She recently released two tracks namely, Enough and Fix You. I have also worked with a number of artists on collaborations out and others yet to come.

What inspires you

The fear of not being the best

What are your career aspirations

To sit in a room with my idols and talk as if we were peers.

How has ADMI prepared you

Gave me the basics & skills I needed to be equipped in the field

What do you remember most about ADMI

The benches on the park when ADMI was back at Shalom

Any advice for current students

Stay grounded and open minded. Nothing is what it seems it is.

Portfolio/work samples