What’s your story:

I am an audio-visual content developer chasing a career in film directing. I’m a certified Film and TV producer with 4 years’ working experience in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya. I launched an online TV platform that is currently running on our social media platforms on a weekly basis called on CoELIB TV by training and mentoring students in Egerton University. I blended my background in agriculture with my passion in media to do project documentation in three countries in Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Malawi. The videos are still used by farmer groups during trainings. I also support various human rights movements through film. One of which was the first best Student film that runs against Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya written by Gabriel Kanja. It won the Film on Gender Policies, Best Film on Governance and Human Rights at The Kenya Universities Drama and Film Festivals, March 2019. And Pear, a smartphone film written by Gloria Kawira which won best scene shot by phone in USA scene festival. As part of the Multi Choice Talent Factory Academy’s Class of 2019/2020, I plan to use the programme as a platform to develop my talent and engage with other creatives in an ever- changing creative film and TV industry like that of Africa’s. I’m currently scripting two TV shows on Sci-Fi and one reality which I hopes will add more authenticity and emotion to how Africa’s stories are visually told. Alongside Flm and TV, I’m also passionate about agriculture and global food security.

What do you do?

I’m currently in a 12-month academic and practical immersion programme including both theory and hands-on experience in cinematography, editing, audio production and storytelling.

Portfolio/work samples