Connecting African Creatives to Japanese Content Industry

The partnership will provide digital content apprenticeships in content business areas (including gaming,
e sports, and metaverse, providing Japanese content development companies access to top-tier talent
across Africa. The partnership will provide dapprenticeships in gaming e sports and metaverse providing Japanese companies access to top tier talent across Africa
Monday, 27 th June, 2022: The Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI), a leading digital career accelerator,
has signed an MOU with LunaTone, a SaaS provider specializing in digital content based in Tokyo,
Dubbed the Digital Content Apprenticeship, the partnership includes masterclasses, remote work
assignments and an incubator, offering Africans paid placements with international companies in the
digital content industry, specifically gaming and related business areas. In turn, it helps augment talent in
the Japanese industry which is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled professionals.

Dr. Laila Macharia, ADMI Chair, said: “It is estimated that the shortage of tech workers will reach 85
million by 2030, Meanwhile, many African countries are facing an unemployment challenge. We believe
that with targeted skilling and support, Africa’s youth can bridge the global talent gap.”

Dr. Baro Hyun, LunaTone Founder and CEO, said: “The partnership will mentor creatives to serve the
Japanese digital content sector by producing viable commercial games and other animated and extended
reality content. It will also introduce Japanese companies to Africa, not just as a market for products and
services, but also as a talent pipeline.”

About ADMI:
Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, the Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) is a premier technology career
accelerator offering creatives and techies the training, mentorship, and platform to turn their passion into
a profession. ADMI’s innovative Learn-and-Work model gives students practical, global-standard creative
technology skills, as well as exposure and experience, to meet the world’s demand for skilled technology

About LunaTone Inc.:
LunaTone provides various Software-as-a-Services specializing in digital content fields such as
games, e-sports, and metaverse, based in Tokyo, Japan. LunaTone empowers traditional industries (e.g., enterprise, education, healthcare, etc.) by utilizing various forms of interactive digital content for the society to embrace a community-driven business ecosystem that the world’s future generation would be native of.

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